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        January 2018    
    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
    Ezra Pugh Sugden   William Pugh   Margaret Alice Pugh   Isaac Ravenscroft Pugh   Ada Knight   Ephraim Henry Knight   Harry Knight   Lewis Knight   Mary Ann Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   Clara (Susanna) Ravenscroft   Matilda Ravenscroft   Amelia Ravenscroft   Maria Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Sarah Ellen Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Harriet Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Charles Arthur Ravenscroft   George William Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Richard Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Betsy Ravenscroft   Ann Ravenscroft   Mary Ann (Margaret) Ravenscrof...   William Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Ann Maria Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Mary Ravenscroft   Caroline Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Alfred Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Cecilia Henrietta Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   William Charles Ravenscroft   Edwin Thomas Ravenscroft   Harriet Elizabeth? Ravenscroft   Ann Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Hannah Ravenscroft   Eliza Rebecca Ravenscroft   William G (George W) Ravenscro...   John Henry Ravenscroft   Edward James Ravenscroft   Ellen Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Hannah Ravenscroft   Joseph Thomas Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Hannah Ravenscroft   Martha Ann Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Joseph Edward Ravenscroft   Ellen Sophia Ravenscroft   Katherine Mary Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Kate Ravenscroft   Arthur Edward Ravenscroft   Charlotte Elizabeth Ravenscrof...   Catherine Mary(Polly) Ravenscr...   Annie Ravenscroft   William Thomas Ravenscroft   William Hitchin Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Lizzie Ravenscroft   Joseph Fletcher Ravenscroft   Lucy Ravenscroft   Lucy Ellen(Helen) Ravenscroft   Frances Clara(J) Ravenscroft   Bertha Leander Ravenscroft   James Leander Ravenscroft   Benjamin Harwood   James Harwood   Samuel Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   Walter Ravenscroft   John Henry Ravenscroft   Henrietta Ravenscroft   James Henry Ravenscroft   Emily Ravenscroft   Lilian(Lily) Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Alice Ravenscroft   John William Ravenscroft   Eliza Watkins Ravenscroft   Edward Ernest Ravenscroft   Lily Ravenscroft   Catherine Beatrice Ravenscroft   Ethel Ashcroft Ravenscroft   Ralph Smith Ravenscroft   Charlotte Isabella Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Edwin Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Patience Rangecroft   Mary XXRavenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Ann Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   John Rangecroft   Martha Farmer Rangecroft   Catherine Moss Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Florence Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   John Henry Ravenscroft   Harry Ravenscroft   William Robert Hayes Knapper   Helena Ravenscroft   Alice Ravenscroft   Allen Ravenscroft   Jane Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   Mary Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Jonathan Ravenscroft   Frances Harriet Ravenscroft   Mary Ellen Ravenscroft   Eliza Clara Ravenscroft   Seth Thomas Ravenscroft   Minnie Ravenscroft   Hugh Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   George James Rangecroft   George Ravenscroft   Edith Eliza Rangecroft   William Rangecroft   Ellen Rangecroft   Fanny Ravenscroft   Gertrude Ravenscroft   William Edwin Ravenscroft   Stanley Ravenscroft   Lilly Ravenscroft   Benjamin Seth Ravenscroft   William Thomas Ravenscroft   Robert Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Jane Ravenscroft   William George Ravenscroft   George Rangecroft   Amelia Rangecroft   Mary Rangecroft   Walter Zell Rangecroft   May Elizabeth Rangecroft   Ellen (Gore) Ravenscroft   George Henry Ravenscroft   John Horton Ravenscroft   Elsie Ravenscroft   Harry Ravenscroft   Clara Victoria Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   John Thomas Ravenscroft   Sarah (Mary) Ravenscroft   Amy Louise Ravenscroft   Frank Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Beatrice Florence Ravenscroft   Alice Daisy Ravenscroft   Alan Paddock Ravenscroft   Frances Ravenscroft   Allen Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Martha Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Rosamond Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Frederick Atherton Ravenscroft   David Ravenscroft   Eleanor Larkin Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Annie Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Violet Florence Ravenscroft   Byfleet Gwillyn Ravenscroft   Elizabeth(Lizzie) Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   Thomas James Ravenscroft   Doris Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Lucy Rangecroft   Constance Isabel Rangecroft   Ethel Ravenscroft   John William Ravenscroft   Leonard Ravenscroft   Francis Enoch C Ravenscroft   Frederick Harrison Ravenscroft   Alice Mary Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   John Herbert Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Harry Ravenscroft   Albert John Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Bertha Maria Rangecroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Lily Ravenscroft   Frances Moss Ravenscroft   Mary Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Harry Rangecroft   Hannah Maria Ravenscroft   Frederick Robotham Ravenscroft   Frederick Henry Ravenscroft   Samuel William Ravenscroft   William Herbert Ravenscroft   William George Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   George (John) Butt(s)   Charles James Ravenscroft   Maria Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Mary Ellen Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Isabella Critchlow   Sarah Ellen Ravenscroft   Ernest Edward Ravenscroft   Lucy Ravenscroft   Doris Emma Ravenscroft   Laura Ravenscroft   Leonard Ravenscroft   Emily Cox   Henry Martin (Sims) Ravenscrof...   George (Francis) Ravenscroft   Alexander Ravenscroft   Alice Margaret Ravenscroft   Maud Agnes Ravenscroft   Linda Louisa Ravenscroft   Caroline Sparkes   George Ravenscroft Tophill Rav...   Frances Bolsover   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Amy Ravenscroft   Amy Ravenscroft   John H Climpson   John Arthur Ravenscroft(Capon)   Margaret Ann Ravenscroft   Jim Ravenscroft   Annie Agnes Ravenscroft   Ethel Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Herbert Henry Ravenscroft   George Edward Ravenscroft   Laura Ravenscroft   Lillie Agatha Ravenscroft   Maud(e) Ravenscroft   Edward Dodwell   Fred Ravenscroft   Hilda Gladys Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   Frank Brettoner Ravenscroft   Annie Isabel Rangecroft   William Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Frederick Alfred Ravenscroft   Arthur Victor Rangecroft   Hilda Grace Rangecroft   James Ravenscroft   Joseph Blythin   Reginald Molyneux   Annie Ravenscroft   Rosina Alice Rangecroft   Marion Major Ravenscroft   Herbert Sandford Ravenscroft   Beatrice ( S?) Potts   Elizabeth Alice Mary Ravenscro...   George Edward Ravenscroft   James Alfred Ravenscroft   Frank Ravenscroft   Elsie Ravenscroft   Sydney Ravenscroft   Nancie Ravenscroft   Ernest Reginald Ravenscroft   Female Ravenscroft   Charles William Ravenscroft   Violet Ravenscroft   Walter Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Infant (Sallie) Ravenscroft   John William Ravenscroft   Isaiah Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Helen Ravenscroft   Fanny Ravenscroft   Jonathan Ravenscroft   Alexander Noel Ravenscroft   Emily Ravenscroft   Nellie Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Gladys V Ravenscroft   George W Ravenscroft   Clarice Ravenscroft   Harold Mortimer Ravenscroft   Phyllis Constance Rangecroft   Clara E Ravenscroft   William Henry Ravenscroft   Agnes Emma Ravenscroft   George Arthur Ravenscroft   Fred Ravenscroft   Richard Joseph Ravenscroft   Eric Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   Alan Ravenscroft   Jack Stanley Ravenscroft   Frank Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   Isabella Ravenscroft   Patricia Ravenscroft   James Anthony Ravenscroft   John Trumper Williams   Lydia Ellen Shaw   Alice Mary Ravenscroft   John R A Rangecroft   Olive Ravenscroft   Leonard Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Valentine Edward A Ravenscroft   James Alfred Ravenscroft   Betty Ravenscroft   Madeline Ravenscroft   Arthur Samuel Ravenscroft   Patience A Rangecroft   Frederick James Ravenscroft   Frank Ravenscroft   John William Ravenscroft   Thomas Arthur Ravenscroft   Sidney Ravenscroft   Olwen G Ravenscroft   Ethel Ravenscroft   Walter Thornton Shaw   Irene Ravenscroft   Douglas James Smith Ravenscrof...   John Ravenscroft   David M Ravenscroft   John Edward Ravenscroft   Jack Ravenscroft   Harold W Ravenscroft   Robert Norman Bentzien   Susan M Ravenscroft   Philip Ravenscroft   Roy Ravenscroft   Hilda M Vernon   Phyllis E Ravenscroft   Gordon Ravenscroft   Francis Ravenscroft   Norman S J Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Cyril Ravenscroft   Francis S Ravenscroft   William H Ravenscroft   Dorothy Ravenscroft   Gertrude Rose Stapleton   Alfred Ravenscroft   Roy Thomas Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Charles William Ravenscroft   William John Ravenscroft   Eliza Dykes Ravenscroft   Edith Mary Ravenscroft   William Henry Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Frances Ravenscroft   Mahala Tugby Ravenscroft   Henry Solomon Rangecroft   Gertrude Ravenscroft   Ernest Frank Ravenscroft   Benjamin Ravenscroft   Dora Ravenscroft   Alfred Ravenscroft   Jane Florence (Florence Jane) ...   John Thomas Rangecroft   Margaret Ravenscroft   John Lionel Rupert Ravenscroft   Alice Elizabeth Rangecroft   John Ravenscroft   Adelaide Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Margaret Ravenscroft   Claude Ravenscroft   Female(Sarah Beatrice) Ravensc...   Rosanna Millner   Albert James Ravenscroft   John Thomas Hill   David Hill   Arthur Ravenscroft   John Nuttall   Mary Ann Lacey   Lilain Ravenscroft   May Rooth   Edward J Ravenscroft   Thomas H Mutch   Edith Fitton   Ellen Fitton   Elizabeth Fitton   Harriet Ruth Hockenhull   Ann Ogden   James Wright   Richard Arthur Parker   Leslie John Ravenscroft   Minnie Hannah L Tuvey   John Castle   Charlotte Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Richard Ravenscroft   Margaret Southard   Charlotte Jones   George Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Hannah Dewsbury   Joseph Ravenscroft   Edwin Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Hulse   John Ravenscroft   Mary Bailey   Ann Steventon   Elizabeth Parish(prob)   Mary Podby   Charles Arthur Ravenscroft   Mary Strode   Anne Reade   John Ravenscroft   Walter Ravenscroft   Caroline Major   John Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Ann Jane Molton   Ann Bamber   Edwin Ravenscroft   Catherine Healey   Ann Holding   Mary Ravenscroft   Richard Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   Richard Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Ann Catherine Ravenscroft   Juliana Eliza Burton   Mary Ann Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Lydia Hibes   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Martha Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Jane Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Charlotte Yeaton   Edwin Thomas Ravenscroft   Alice Allen   Edwin Thomas Ravenscroft   Benjamin Ravenscroft   Mary Cole(Coal)   Henry Ravenscroft   Jane Boden   Ann Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Mead   Edward James Ravenscroft   Anne Ravenscroft   John Boston Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Jane Keen Ellis   William Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Morrey   Hannah Lawton   Ann Jane LLoyd   John Ravenscroft   Robert Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   Anne Whitehurst   William John Ravenscroft   Claud Edward Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Martha Ravenscroft   Stephen Ravenscroft   Mary Percival   William Ravenscroft   Edward Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Samuel Timmis Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Elmar Ravenscroft   Charles Septimus Ravenscroft   George Henry(Octavius) Ravensc...   Kate Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Mary Ryder   Jane Lewis   Robert Lewis Ravenscroft   Charles William Ravenscroft   Ellen Irwin   William Hitchin Ravenscroft   Herbert Ravenscroft   Lavinia Rowson Swain   Mary Ravenscroft??   Lizzie Ravenscroft   Ann (Annie) Ravenscroft   John (Charles) Ravenscroft   John Perry Ravenscroft   Sarah Wiggins   Sarah Stocker   James Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Byfleet Charles Ravenscroft   Ellen UnkStephen   George Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Sarah Hassall   Frank George Ravenscroft   Margaret Ann Moss   Albert Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Oswald Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Lowe   Fred Charles Ravenscroft   Eubert Edward Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   Eliza Davies   Margaret Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Charles Arthur Ravenscroft   Emma Dobell   James Ravenscroft   Mary McLarney   Charlotte Johnson   Charlotte Agnes Ravenscroft   Temple Thomas Ravenscroft   Frederick Wickham Ravenscroft   Richard Rangecroft   Ellen May Rangecroft   John George (George) Rangecrof...   Patience (Mary Ann Patience) R...   Margaret Hatton   William Ravenscroft   Mary Eliza Graham   John Benjamin Rangecroft   John Rangecroft   John Rangecroft   Martha Farmer   John Rangecroft   Thomas Rangecroft   Catherine Moss Ravenscroft   Ann UnkSam   Sarah Griffiths   Eliza Taylor   Arthur Ravenscroft   Robert Ravenscroft   Albert Richard Ravenscroft   William Henry Ravenscroft   Sarah Anne Rangecroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Walter Ravenscroft   Eliza Jane Hindley   Ellen Taylor   Thomas Ravenscroft   John Henry Ravenscroft   Eleanor Ravenscroft   Martha Bratt   Henrietta Morton Abbott   Martha Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Sykes   Oswald Ravenscroft   William Rangecroft   William Ravenscroft   Margaret Hough   Albert Ravenscroft   Frances Harriet Ravenscroft   Jane Houghton   Doris Ravenscroft   John Edwin Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Myra Elizabeth Mary Ravenscrof...   Eliza Clara Ravenscroft   Agnes Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Hannah Morrey   Alfred Merefield Lee Lander   William Rangecroft   Edward William Gaines   Elizabeth Turner   John Frederick Ravenscroft   Mary Harriette Hannah (Etta M)...   Samuel John Ravenscroft   Ada Eliza Downham   Emily Jane Coleman   William Charles Ravenscroft   Stanley Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Emily Annie(Theodora) Fleming   James Willie Ravenscroft   Helen Pollock   William Sydney Ravenscroft   Jane Innis   Mary Ann Barfoot   Edward(Edmond) Rangecroft   Amy Sophia Jones   Eliza Abraham   Walter Zell Rangecroft   Julia Cook   Amelia Ravenscroft   John Horton Ravenscroft   Florence Annie Ravenscroft   Elsie Ravenscroft   Jessie Ravenscroft   Mary Jane Lloyd(Ravenscroft)   Arthur Ravenscroft   John Henry Ravenscroft   Charles Henry Ravenscroft   Harry Ravenscroft   Mary Cooper   John Isaac Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Arthur Harry (Harry) Ravenscro...   James Charles Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Jane Kirk?(neeHoldstock?   Frances Moore   Lilian Frederica Bell   Sam Ravenscroft   Frances Atherton   Ernest Ravenscroft   Eleanor Larkin Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Florence Moxon   Cyril Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Arthur George Ravenscroft   James Thomas Ravenscroft   Albert Sidney Ravenscroft   Walter (George) Ravenscroft   Jane Hulmes   Eliza Mary Garnett   Mary Richardson   Walter Ravenscroft   Sarah Johnson   Arthur Ravenscroft(Johnson)   Charles Ravenscroft   John Lester Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Emily Wolstonecroft   Charles Sully   Phoebe Jane Hatch   John Goodwin Ravenscroft   Leonard Ravenscroft   Gertrude Annie (Gertrude) Rave...   Robert Edward? Ravenscroft   Samuel Richard Ravenscroft   John P Ravenscroft   Agnes Ravenscroft   John Herbert Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Margaret Wheeler   Eric Edward Ravenscroft   Sophy Oddboy Terry   Thomas Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Maria Main   Percy Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ann Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   William Quincey Rangecroft   Hannah Maria Ravenscroft   Alice Maud Ravenscroft   William Henry Ravenscroft   Florence Ethel Ravenscroft   Harriet Ravenscroft   Alice Ravenscroft   Sidney Elgar Ravenscroft   Nathaniel Lyon Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft Babingto...   Florence (Flora) Ravenscroft   Hannah Adams   Eliza Ravenscroft   Hannah Cadman   John Ravenscroft   Laura Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   John Frederick Ravenscroft   Herbert Vernon Ravenscroft   Lydia Hodkinson   William Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Isabella Critchlow   Samuel Ravenscroft   Rose Nellie Blabourne   William Ravenscroft   Sarah Ellen Gough   Richard Ravenscroft   Edward Eric Ravenscroft   Lucy Brereton   Gertrude Austin   Florence Oates   Henry Martin (Sims) Ravenscrof...   Frederick Richard SIMS(RAVENSC...   Kitty Rhoda Jones   Mary Kirkbride   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   William Edward Ravenscroft   Alice Margaret Ravenscroft   Evelyn Biffen   William Charles Edward Rangecr...   Richard Rangecroft   Maggie Rangecroft   Annie Jones   Elmira Eardley   Beatrice Amelia Smith   Ada Hemming   John Ravenscroft   Philip Ravenscroft   Louisa Humphries   Female Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Norris   Samuel Ellis Ravenscroft   Percy Ravenscroft   Thomas Sylvester Paddock   Sarah Annie Bardsley   Ethel Ravenscroft   Phoebe Evelyn Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Lucy Rangecroft   William Ravenscroft   Lilian Ravenscroft   Dora Rangecroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Percy Ravenscroft   Charles Edward Ravenscroft   Agnes Ravenscroft   Frederick Alfred Ravenscroft   Dora Ravenscroft   Hilda Grace Rangecroft   Albert Edward Ravenscroft   Miles Mace   Samuel Arthur Ravenscroft   Alice A Brereton   Celia Davies   Elsie Violet Plummer   Eileen Edith Ravenscroft   Sidney Urquhart Ravenscroft   Astley Duntz Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Green   Muriel Iris Ravenscroft   Norman Winspear Ravenscroft   Mary Hannah Helps   Nellie Jane Vickery   May Goulden   Elizabeth Alice Mary Ravenscro...   Daisy M Bradbury   Florence Whitehurst   Robert Harold Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Shone   Joseph C Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Rangecroft   Female Ravenscroft   Charles William Ravenscroft   Margaret Jane Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   John William Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Robert Ravenscroft   Mehetabel Ravenscroft   Fanny Ravenscroft   Elsie Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Thomas Stanley Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Victor Jubilee (Turner) Ravens...   Ruby Ravenscroft   Daisy Emily F Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   David Oswald Ravenscroft   Clarice Ravenscroft   George Boston Matthews Ravensc...   Leonard A Ravenscroft   Harold Mortimer Ravenscroft   William Isaac Richard Ravenscr...   Emma Eliza Rangecroft   Harold Ravenscroft   Ethel Ravenscroft   Ada Ravenscroft   Rosannah Ravenscroft   Richard Joseph Ravenscroft   Sara Patricia Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Lily Ravenscroft   Rose Colesby   Frances Ruth Ellen Hamnett   Edna Ravenscroft   Joan Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   Ernest E Ravenscroft   Susan Maria Coughtrey   Arthur Harry Ravenscroft   Ronald Ravenscroft   Walter Ravenscroft   Eva Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Maggie Nuttall   Blanche Hough   Elizabeth Ann Simcock   Nellie Woodus Davies   Eliza Lovatt   Joan Ravenscroft   James Martin Edward Ravenscrof...   Cyril G Ravenscroft   Rose M Ravenscroft   William Henry Ravenscroft   Ellen Moran   Thomas Ravenscroft   Eubert Ravenscroft   Francess Ravenscroft   Ethel Knight   Ethel Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Gertrude M Smith   Cyril Ravenscroft   Roy Ravenscroft   Robert Cartledge Ravenscroft   Annie Gibbs   Samuel Ravenscroft   Jessie Edwards   Madeline Ravenscroft   Annie K Ravenscroft   Ivy Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Kenneth C Ravenscroft   Gertrude Burke   Frank Ravenscroft   Constance Nellie Smith   Ethel Maud Dierden   Thomas G Ravenscroft   Esther Ravenscroft   John William Ravenscroft   Sidney Ravenscroft   Annie Blood   Harry Ravenscroft   Irene Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   William A Ravenscroft   Annie Boulton   Ada Ravenscroft   Frank Reginald Ravenscroft   Percy Ravenscroft   Denis Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Mary J Healey   Florence Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Esmeralda Ravenscroft   Jack Ravenscroft   Dorothy St C Ravenscroft   Harold W Ravenscroft   Robert Norman Bentzien   Susan M Ravenscroft   Phyllis E Ravenscroft   Edward T Ravenscroft   Henry C G Newton   Annie Lydia Simpkin   Gordon Ravenscroft   James Stuart Hawthornthwaite(R...   David W Ravenscroft   Derek Ravenscroft   Nellie Carter   Frederick Sinclair   Samuel Bennison   Cyril Ravenscroft   Edwin Ravenscroft   Leonard Ravenscroft   Francis S Ravenscroft   Margaret Ravenscroft   Dorothy Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Jesse Richards   George Clifford Ravenscroft   Emily Astbury   Cyril Ravenscroft   Ethel Unk   Ethel Beddoe   Margaret R Ravenscroft   Mildred Cox   Janet E Fowler   Gladys M Ravenscroft   Charles William Ravenscroft   Edward James Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   William John Ravenscroft   Edith Mary Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Frances Ravenscroft   Henry Solomon Rangecroft   Elizabeth Ann Ravenscroft   Harry Newill Ravenscroft   James Alfred Ravenscroft   John Lionel Rupert Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Martha Ann Ravenscroft   William John Ravenscroft   Adelaide Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ellen Ravenscroft   Female(Sarah Beatrice) Ravensc...   Henrietta Ravenscroft   Jane Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   Lilain Ravenscroft   Ernest Hughes   Ruth Fieldingnee Wild?   Ellen Fitton   Elizabeth Gordon   Frances Marian Rowe   James Wright   John Castle   Archibald T Lester   Thomas Ravenscroft / Emma Jone...   Thomas Ravenscroft / Emma Gild...   James Ravenscroft / Eliza Jone...   George Ravenscroft / Alice Gar...   Clement Woolley / Rhoda Ravens...   John A Climpson / Jane Ravensc...   Alfred Lee / Sarah Jane Ravens...   Afred Dobree Lancaster / Elisa...   John Whitworth / Mary Ravenscr...   Samuel Ravenscroft / Sarah A H...   Ebenezer B Parr / Elizabeth Ra...   Samuel Ravenscroft / Frances A...   James F Sumner / Emma Ravenscr...   Stephen Ravenscroft / Mary Jan...   George Ravenscroft / Elizabeth...   Robert Thomas Ravenscroft / Se...   John Jones / Eliza Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft / Mary Forre...   John W Davenport / Cecilia Hen...   Harry Hobson / Mary Ravenscrof...   James Rhodes / Harriet Ravensc...   Harold Hitchcock / Sarah Esthe...   Joseph Ravenscroft / Margaret ...   Alfred T(Thomas Alfred) Ravens...   Henry Yarwood / Jane Bourne Ra...   John Henry Lewney / Mary Ellen...   James Dodgson / Hannah Ravensc...   Robert James Ravenscroft / Eve...   William Henry Warburton / Mart...   Robert Bethell / Amy Ravenscro...   Raymond (Bathurst) Ravenscroft...   James Richardson W Hay / Charl...   John Kilburn / Agnes Ravenscro...   Robert Lewis Ravenscroft / Edi...   Robert Linley / Mary Ann Raven...   Samuel Goodwin / Clara Hannah ...   Percy Plumb / Florrie Ravenscr...   Herbert G Parker / Nellie Rave...   William Galliard / Sarah Hanna...   Alphonsus H Holland / Frances ...   James Jackson / Frances Emily ...   Thomas Hamlett / Mary Ravenscr...   Robert John Ravenscroft / Emil...   John Ravenscroft / Isabella Wh...   John (Lionel) Ravenscroft / Ro...   Richard Latham / Mary Ravenscr...   Thomas Starkey / Sophia Ravens...   Richard Clark Ravenscroft / Fr...   Ernest Ravenscroft / Catherine...   William Welch / Hannah Ravensc...   Joseph Ravenscroft / Constance...   Ralph Smith Ravenscroft / Alic...   Job Tushingham / Phoebe Ravens...   James Noblet / Sarah Ann Steph...   David Ravenscroft / Jane Mills   Samuel Willis (Willie) Rangecr...   John Rangecroft / Martha Farme...   John Ravenscroft / Mary Eleano...   William J Williams / Gladys Iv...   Peter Ravenscroft / Elizabeth ...   James Handley Ravenscroft / El...   Albert J Skuse / Caroline Rave...   John Millington / Florence Rav...   John Henry Ravenscroft / Franc...   William Ravenscroft / Martha B...   Edward Stubbs / Mary Eliza Rav...   Joseph Nixon / Georgina Agnes ...   John Johnson / Frances May Rav...   Ernest Hodgkinson / Naomi Elsi...   James Stanley Ravenscroft / Em...   Frederick Ravenscroft / Elizab...   Charles Minter / Harriet Bartr...   Charles Gough / Sarah Jane Cha...   George Henry Ravenscroft / Cha...   Albert C Spragg / Annie Ravens...   Walter Ravenscroft / Lucy Darl...   John Entwhistle / Mary Ann Rav...   John Ravenscroft / Elizabeth B...   Henry Maidment Levett / Georgi...   Alfred Richard Ravenscroft / H...   John Roberts / Martha Ravenscr...   Thomas Taylor / Sarah Ann Pond   George Ravenscroft / Mary Hump...   George Martin / Mary Ann Sheph...   William Henry Inchley / Dorcas...   Henry Richard (Richard) Ravens...   Cecil Wray Byng Wilkins Robert...   William Richard Webb / Helen(a...   Sydney Thomas Burgess / Ada Be...   George H Harper / Florrie Rave...   Benjamin Seth Ravenscroft / Do...   Charles F Clarke / Mabel Eliza...   Samuel C Archer / Caroline Ann...   Sidney(Sydney) William Arthur ...   Harry Ravenscroft / Irene May ...   Samuel Ernest Ravenscroft / Ma...   Charles Sully / Lilly (Elizabe...   John Ravenscroft / Hannah Alle...   Leslie J Hodgetts / Estelle Ma...   Joseph Ravenscroft / Mary G Hi...   Richard H Hinton / Agnes Jane ...   David Ravenscroft / Lily Girli...   Arthur George Ravenscroft / Em...   Edward Thomas Ravenscroft / Li...   Walter Ravenscroft / Gertrude ...   Dennis Lynch / Mary Ann (Polly...   Ernest Phillips / Florence Sel...   John Swarbrick / Alice Ravensc...   Frederick A Ashcroft / Frances...   Eric M G Donnison / Winifred R...   Alexander McBain / Lily Ravens...   William John (John William) Ra...   William Ravenscroft / Kathleen...   Samuel Rangecroft / Alice Maud...   Frank Rangecroft / Harriet Wel...   Charles William Marsden Ravens...   George Ravenscroft / Elizabeth...   Egbert Appleby / Ruth Elizabet...   James D Adams / Florence Ethel...   George Frederick (Frederick) R...   Harry Ravenscroft / Rose Mary ...   Samuel Irwin / Eliza(beth) Fre...   Arthur Ravenscroft / Ethel Haw...   Edward Eric Ravenscroft / Bert...   Ernest H Jenkins / Martha Agne...   Enos H Woodwiss / Ethel Ravens...   Walter T Lunt / Doris Ravenscr...   Clifford L Windsor / Gladys Ma...   Charles Richards / Louisa Gree...   Sidney Stuart Shilling / Mildr...   Fred Ravenscroft / Ella T Buch...   Stanley Ravenscroft / Annie Ja...   Harold Ravenscroft / Pauline J...   Arthur Ravenscroft / Margaret ...   Alfred Ravenscroft / Florence ...   Herbert Henry Ravenscroft / Em...   Walter William Shepherd / Amel...   George Edward Ravenscroft / An...   Llewellyn Edwards / Maud(e) Ra...   Frederick Thomas Ravenscroft /...   Robert William Ravenscroft / A...   Stanley A Shiner / Rosina Alic...   Eardley Urquhart Ravenscroft /...   John W Garner / Gertrude Ellen...   Frank Taylor / Hilda Mehetabel...   Horace Foden / Gwendoline Alic...   Leonard Walton / Hilda May Rav...   Harry Stanley Ravenscroft / La...   Charles Wells / Hilda Mary Rav...   John Edward Ravenscroft / Rosi...   Edgar Maurice Rangecroft / Mar...   George Herbert Ravenscroft / E...   Alfred Eaton Ravenscroft / Jea...   George Boston Matthews Ravensc...   Robert Shiveley Ravenscroft / ...   Archibald T Lester / Helen Eli...   James Forshaw / May Banner   Richard Ravenscroft / Alice Ma...   Ernest? Bates / Catherine Robe...   Albert Ravenscroft / Grace Mar...   George Joseph Ravenscroft / Jo...   John Rogers / Joyce Ravenscrof...   Stanley Valentine Grayland / Q...   Joseph Edward Ravenscroft / Ve...   Albert Ravenscroft / Iris Reyn...   Benjamin D Spaulding / Jessie ...   John Edward Ravenscroft / Elsi...   Walter Vickrage / Dorothy St C...   Robert Ravenscroft / Charlotte...   David W Ravenscroft / Emma H W...   William George Larmer / Margar...   Cyril Ravenscroft / Audrey Joh...   Ernest John Ravenscroft / Edit...   John F Ravenscroft / Gertrude ...   Ernest C Bowler / Lilian Maria...   / Daphne Rosalie Beatrice Sch...   John Wermerling / Jane Florenc...   Frank Broadhurst / Margaret Ra...   Charles D Lane / Elsie Dale   John Mansell Seccombe / Minnie...