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    Tunstall, Staffordshire



    Matches 1 to 50 of 52

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Byrne, Elizabeth  Abt 1870Tunstall, Staffordshire I6769
    2 Cartledge, Mary J  Abt 1873Tunstall, Staffordshire I1717
    3 Cartledge, Mayor(Major)  Abt 1848Tunstall, Staffordshire I1716
    4 Cartledge, Thomas  Abt 1876Tunstall, Staffordshire I1718
    5 Cresswell, William  Abt 1874Tunstall, Staffordshire I6784
    6 Millington, Sarah Jane  Abt 1868Tunstall, Staffordshire I5324
    7 Ravenscroft, Alice  Between Oct 1865 and Dec 1865Tunstall, Staffordshire I4747
    8 Ravenscroft, Ann Maria  20 Jul 1851Tunstall, Staffordshire I1709
    9 Ravenscroft, Annie Maria  Between Oct 1900 and Dec 1900Tunstall, Staffordshire I4846
    10 Ravenscroft, Arthur  Between Jul 1899 and Sep 1899Tunstall, Staffordshire I6906
    11 Ravenscroft, Arthur  1 Nov 1904Tunstall, Staffordshire I6907
    12 Ravenscroft, Edward  Between Apr 1897 and Jun 1897Tunstall, Staffordshire I6908
    13 Ravenscroft, Edward  Between Oct 1898 and Dec 1898Tunstall, Staffordshire I4845
    14 Ravenscroft, Elizabeth  Between Oct 1853 and Dec 1853Tunstall, Staffordshire I1710
    15 Ravenscroft, Elizabeth  Between Oct 1894 and Dec 1894Tunstall, Staffordshire I4843
    16 Ravenscroft, Elizabeth  Between Jul 1896 and Sep 1896Tunstall, Staffordshire I6006
    17 Ravenscroft, Elizabeth(Betsy)  Between Oct 1904 and Dec 1904Tunstall, Staffordshire I4838
    18 Ravenscroft, Ellen  Between Apr 1859 and Jun 1859Tunstall, Staffordshire I1712
    19 Ravenscroft, Ellen  Between Jan 1888 and Mar 1888Tunstall, Staffordshire I5997
    20 Ravenscroft, Emma(Emmy)  Between Jul 1893 and Sep 1893Tunstall, Staffordshire I4842
    21 Ravenscroft, Ernest  Between Apr 1898 and Jun 1898Tunstall, Staffordshire I6771
    22 Ravenscroft, Ethel  Between Jan 1895 and Mar 1895Tunstall, Staffordshire I6909
    23 Ravenscroft, George  1 Sep 1867Tunstall, Staffordshire I1715
    24 Ravenscroft, George  Between Jan 1902 and Mar 1902Tunstall, Staffordshire I4839
    25 Ravenscroft, George Edward  Between Jan 1908 and Mar 1908Tunstall, Staffordshire I7413
    26 Ravenscroft, Harry  Between Apr 1903 and Jun 1903Tunstall, Staffordshire I4840
    27 Ravenscroft, Harry  Between Apr 1907 and Jun 1907Tunstall, Staffordshire I4841
    28 Ravenscroft, Jane Elizabeth  27 Jun 1852Tunstall, Staffordshire I1669
    29 Ravenscroft, John  Between Jan 1856 and Mar 1856Tunstall, Staffordshire I1711
    30 Ravenscroft, John  Between Jul 1869 and Sep 1869Tunstall, Staffordshire I4090
    31 Ravenscroft, John  Between Apr 1889 and Jun 1889Tunstall, Staffordshire I5986
    32 Ravenscroft, John  Between Oct 1890 and Dec 1890Tunstall, Staffordshire I4807
    33 Ravenscroft, John  Between Jan 1892 and Mar 1892Tunstall, Staffordshire I5335
    34 Ravenscroft, Mary Ann  15 Aug 1858Tunstall, Staffordshire I1670
    35 Ravenscroft, Mary Ann  Between Jul 1914 and Sep 1914Tunstall, Staffordshire I8030
    36 Ravenscroft, Mary Jane  Between Jul 1864 and Sep 1864Tunstall, Staffordshire I1714
    37 Ravenscroft, Mary Jane  Between Jul 1874 and Sep 1874Tunstall, Staffordshire I5764
    38 Ravenscroft, Percy  Between Oct 1909 and Dec 1909Tunstall, Staffordshire I7414
    39 Ravenscroft, Sarah  Between Oct 1897 and Dec 1897Tunstall, Staffordshire I4844
    40 Ravenscroft, Selina  Between Oct 1862 and Dec 1862Tunstall, Staffordshire I4089
    41 Ravenscroft, Thomas  Between Apr 1862 and Jun 1862Tunstall, Staffordshire I1713
    42 Ravenscroft, Thomas  Between Jan 1892 and Mar 1892Tunstall, Staffordshire I6005
    43 Ravenscroft, Thomas  Between Apr 1898 and Jun 1898Tunstall, Staffordshire I7029
    44 Ravenscroft (Cadman), Thomas William  Between Jul 1884 and Sep 1884Tunstall, Staffordshire I8033
    45 Turner, Arthur  Abt 1875Tunstall, Staffordshire I5950
    46 Turner, Frances  Abt 1878Tunstall, Staffordshire I5951
    47 Turner, James  Abt 1853Tunstall, Staffordshire I5949
    48 Wilson, Mary  Abt 1866Tunstall, Staffordshire I4806
    49 Wood, Annie  Abt 1888Tunstall, Staffordshire I5334
    50 Wood, Elizabeth  Abt 1880Tunstall, Staffordshire I5332

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    Matches 1 to 12 of 12

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Maddocks, Elizabeth  Between Oct 1892 and Dec 1892Tunstall, Staffordshire I1668
    2 Ravenscroft, Arthur  Between Jul 1899 and Sep 1899tunstall, Staffordshire I6906
    3 Ravenscroft, Edward  Between Apr 1897 and Jun 1897Tunstall, Staffordshire I6908
    4 Ravenscroft, Elizabeth  Between Apr 1895 and Jun 1895Tunstall, Staffordshire I4843
    5 Ravenscroft, Elizabeth  Between Jan 1897 and Mar 1897Tunstall, Staffordshire I6006
    6 Ravenscroft, Ellen  Between Jul 1888 and Sep 1888Tunstall, Staffordshire I5997
    7 Ravenscroft, Enoch Edward  11 Jul 1946Tunstall, Staffordshire I5760
    8 Ravenscroft, Ethel  Between Jan 1901 and Mar 1901Tunstall, Staffordshire I6909
    9 Ravenscroft, John  Between Jan 1890 and Mar 1890Tunstall, Staffordshire I5986
    10 Ravenscroft, John William  13 Jul 1965Tunstall, Staffordshire I6770
    11 Ravenscroft, Thomas  26 Oct 1874Tunstall, Staffordshire I1661
    12 Ravenscroft, Thomas  Between Jul 1892 and Sep 1892Tunstall, Staffordshire I6005


    Matches 1 to 8 of 8

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
    1 Millington, Sarah Jane  1901Tunstall, Staffordshire I5324
    2 Ravenscroft, Elizabeth(Betsy)  1911Tunstall, Staffordshire I4838
    3 Ravenscroft, George  1901Tunstall, Staffordshire I1715
    4 Ravenscroft, John  1911Tunstall, Staffordshire I5335
    5 Ravenscroft (Cadman), Thomas William  1911Tunstall, Staffordshire I8033
    6 Ridge(Redge), Mary  1881Tunstall, Staffordshire I1662
    7 Ridge(Redge), Mary  1891Tunstall, Staffordshire I1662
    8 Ridge(Redge), Mary  1911Tunstall, Staffordshire I1662


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Sims / Ravenscroft  19 Jul 1866Tunstall, Staffordshire F477


    Matches 1 to 17 of 17

       Family    Census    Family ID 
    1 Barker / Ravenscroft  1911Tunstall, Staffordshire F1748
    2 Cadman / Ravenscroft  1891Tunstall, Staffordshire F1417
    3 Cadman / Ravenscroft  1901Tunstall, Staffordshire F1417
    4 Cartledge / Ravenscroft  1881Tunstall, Staffordshire F478
    5 Ravenscroft / Austin  1911Tunstall, Staffordshire F1742
    6 Ravenscroft / Byrne  1901Tunstall, Staffordshire F1961
    7 Ravenscroft / Byrne  1911Tunstall, Staffordshire F1961
    8 Ravenscroft / Maddocks  1861Tunstall, Staffordshire F463
    9 Ravenscroft / Maddocks  1871Tunstall, Staffordshire F463
    10 Ravenscroft / Maddocks  1881Tunstall, Staffordshire F463
    11 Ravenscroft / Maddocks  1891Tunstall, Staffordshire F463
    12 Ravenscroft / Ridge(Redge)  1861Tunstall, Staffordshire F460
    13 Ravenscroft / Ridge(Redge)  1871Tunstall, Staffordshire F460
    14 Ravenscroft / Wilson  1891Tunstall, Staffordshire F1418
    15 Ravenscroft / Wilson  1901Tunstall, Staffordshire F1418
    16 Turner / Ravenscroft  1881Tunstall, Staffordshire F1686
    17 Wood / Ravenscroft  1901Tunstall, Staffordshire F479