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    Camberwell, Surrey



    Matches 1 to 32 of 32

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Abraham, Eliza  Abt 1839Camberwell, Surrey I4706
    2 Balme, Edith  Abt 1845Camberwell, Surrey I4304
    3 Blow, Edward  Abt 1864Camberwell, Surrey I6802
    4 Rangecroft, Arthur Edward  3 Sep 1885Camberwell, Surrey I5747
    5 Rangecroft, Benjamin John  Between Apr 1868 and Jun 1868Camberwell, Surrey I4709
    6 Rangecroft, Charles  Between Oct 1877 and Dec 1877Camberwell, Surrey I4291
    7 Rangecroft, Edith Harriet  Between Jul 1884 and Sep 1884Camberwell, Surrey I6973
    8 Rangecroft, Edward Alfred  Between Oct 1904 and Dec 1904Camberwell, Surrey I7062
    9 Rangecroft, Ellen  Between Jan 1880 and Mar 1880Camberwell, Surrey I4292
    10 Rangecroft, Emma Elizabeth  Between Oct 1859 and Dec 1859Camberwell, Surrey I4724
    11 Rangecroft, George Stimpson  24 Jul 1873Camberwell, Surrey I5750
    12 Rangecroft, Georgina Eliza  Between Oct 1871 and Dec 1871Camberwell, Surrey I5727
    13 Rangecroft, Harry  Between Jan 1890 and Mar 1890Camberwell, Surrey I5749
    14 Rangecroft, Horace Benjamin  14 Jun 1901Camberwell, Surrey I7061
    15 Rangecroft, John (Arthur)  Between Oct 1888 and Dec 1888Camberwell, Surrey I4721
    16 Rangecroft, John Robert  Between Apr 1870 and Jun 1870Camberwell, Surrey I4710
    17 Rangecroft, Lucy  Between Jan 1875 and Mar 1875Camberwell, Surrey I5114
    18 Rangecroft, Maria Louise  Between Apr 1876 and Jun 1876Camberwell, Surrey I4290
    19 Rangecroft, Martha Ellen  Between Jul 1866 and Sep 1866Camberwell, Surrey I4708
    20 Rangecroft, Mary  Between Jan 1865 and Mar 1865Camberwell, Surrey I4707
    21 Rangecroft, May Elizabeth  Between Jan 1891 and Mar 1891Camberwell, Surrey I4722
    22 Rangecroft, Patience Sophia  Between Oct 1873 and Dec 1873Camberwell, Surrey I4289
    23 Rangecroft, Phoebe Christina  30 Apr 1878Camberwell, Surrey I5751
    24 Rangecroft, Rose Madge  Between Jul 1887 and Sep 1887Camberwell, Surrey I5748
    25 Rangecroft, William  Between Jan 1872 and Mar 1872Camberwell, Surrey I4288
    26 Rangecroft, William Edward  Between Oct 1876 and Dec 1876Camberwell, Surrey I5784
    27 Ravenscroft, Female(Sarah Beatrice)  Between Jan 1867 and Mar 1867Camberwell, Surrey I10012
    28 Ravenscroft, Francis Samuel George  19 Mar 1875Camberwell, Surrey I2137
    29 Ravenscroft, George Swinfen  Between Jul 1864 and Sep 1864Camberwell, Surrey I9991
    30 Ravenscroft, Katherine Mary  Between Jan 1873 and Mar 1873Camberwell, Surrey I2136
    31 Ravenscroft, Maud Marion  Between Jul 1877 and Sep 1877Camberwell, Surrey I2138
    32 Warner, Amy Louise  Abt 1873Camberwell, Surrey I4716


    Matches 1 to 11 of 11

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Abraham, Eliza  Between Jan 1912 and Mar 1912Camberwell, Surrey I4706
    2 Crouch, Hannah Sophia  Between Oct 1902 and Dec 1902Camberwell, Surrey I4074
    3 Mills, Sarah  20 May 1882Camberwell, Surrey I2782
    4 Rangecroft, Alfred Benjamin  Between Apr 1891 and Jun 1891Camberwell, Surrey I5634
    5 Rangecroft, Elizabeth A  Between Apr 1902 and Jun 1902Camberwell, Surrey I3494
    6 Rangecroft, John Benjamin  Between Jan 1879 and Mar 1879Camberwell, Surrey I3546
    7 Ravenscroft, Charles Frederick  Between Apr 1893 and Jun 1893Camberwell, Surrey I2741
    8 Ravenscroft, Charles Thomas  15 Dec 1879Camberwell, Surrey I2246
    9 Ravenscroft, Female(Sarah Beatrice)  Between Jan 1867 and Mar 1867Camberwell, Surrey I10012
    10 Ravenscroft, George Swinfen  Between Jul 1864 and Sep 1864Camberwell, Surrey I9991
    11 Ravenscroft, Marianne  Between Apr 1846 and Jun 1846Camberwell, Surrey I6447


    Matches 1 to 15 of 15

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
    1 Abraham, Eliza  1911Camberwell, Surrey I4706
    2 Crouch, Hannah Sophia  1901Camberwell, Surrey I4074
    3 Rangecroft, Elizabeth A  1861Camberwell, Surrey I3494
    4 Rangecroft, Elizabeth A  1881Camberwell, Surrey I3494
    5 Rangecroft, Emma Elizabeth  1881Camberwell, Surrey I4724
    6 Rangecroft, Joyce Edith  1911Camberwell, Surrey I6849
    7 Rangecroft, Lucy  1911Camberwell, Surrey I5114
    8 Rangecroft, William Edward  1881Camberwell, Surrey I5784
    9 Rangecroft, William Henry  1861Camberwell, Surrey I3498
    10 Rangecroft(Rav), Mary Elizabeth  1861Camberwell, Surrey I3491
    11 Ravenscroft, Harriet Elizabeth  1911Camberwell, Surrey I4988
    12 Ravenscroft, Sophia Ann  1851Camberwell, Surrey I2239
    13 Williams, Madeline Elizabeth  1851Camberwell, Surrey I10099
    14 Williams, Madeline Elizabeth  1861Camberwell, Surrey I10099
    15 Wood, Sarah Maria  1871Camberwell, Surrey I2753


    Matches 1 to 4 of 4

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Rangecroft / Weller  Between Apr 1894 and Jun 1894Camberwell, Surrey F1963
    2 Ravenscroft / Gould  Between Oct 1939 and Dec 1939Camberwell, Surrey F3095
    3 Ravenscroft / Martin  Between Jan 1943 and Mar 1943Camberwell, Surrey F3334
    4 Ravenscroft / Ponder  Between Oct 1939 and Dec 1939Camberwell, Surrey F3096


    Matches 1 to 12 of 12

       Family    Census    Family ID 
    1 Appleyard / Rangecroft  1901Camberwell, Surrey F1373
    2 Court / Rangecroft  1911Camberwell, Surrey F1385
    3 Early / Rangecroft  1901Camberwell, Surrey F1390
    4 Morgan / Ravenscroft  1881Camberwell, Surrey F1365
    5 Rangecroft / Abraham  1871Camberwell, Surrey F1384
    6 Rangecroft / Thompson  1891Camberwell, Surrey F1246
    7 Rangecroft / Warner  1901Camberwell, Surrey F1387
    8 Ravenscroft / Burton  1851Camberwell, Surrey F332
    9 Ravenscroft / Mills  1871Camberwell, Surrey F780
    10 Ravenscroft / Wood  1881Camberwell, Surrey F776
    11 Warner / Rangecroft  1901Camberwell, Surrey F1386
    12 Williams / Ravenscroft  1841Camberwell, Surrey F3146