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    Fenton, Staffordshire



    Matches 1 to 28 of 28

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Baker, Sarah Ann  Abt 1878Fenton, Staffordshire I6142
    2 Phillips, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1878Fenton, Staffordshire I6125
    3 Ravenscroft, A.   I6146
    4 Ravenscroft, Alfred  11 Jul 1880Fenton, Staffordshire I5959
    5 Ravenscroft, Alice  19 Feb 1901Fenton, Staffordshire I7020
    6 Ravenscroft, Ann (Annie)  Between Jul 1866 and Sep 1866Fenton, Staffordshire I2570
    7 Ravenscroft, Annie  Between Jul 1900 and Sep 1900Fenton, Staffordshire I7034
    8 Ravenscroft, Arthur  Between Oct 1891 and Dec 1891Fenton, Staffordshire I6004
    9 Ravenscroft, Doris Emma  Between Jan 1902 and Mar 1902Fenton, Staffordshire I6143
    10 Ravenscroft, D.   I7344
    11 Ravenscroft, Elsie  Between Jan 1898 and Mar 1898Fenton, Staffordshire I7421
    12 Ravenscroft, Ethel  Between Jan 1892 and Mar 1892Fenton, Staffordshire I5125
    13 Ravenscroft, Frank  Between Apr 1899 and Jun 1899Fenton, Staffordshire I6003
    14 Ravenscroft, Fred  Between Jan 1884 and Mar 1884Fenton, Staffordshire I6970
    15 Ravenscroft, Frederick Spencer  Between Oct 1906 and Dec 1906Fenton, Staffordshire I6145
    16 Ravenscroft, George  Between Oct 1901 and Dec 1901Fenton, Staffordshire I7418
    17 Ravenscroft, George Frederick (Frederick)  2 Apr 1889Fenton, Staffordshire I5998
    18 Ravenscroft, George Raymond  Between Apr 1911 and Jun 1911Fenton, Staffordshire I7695
    19 Ravenscroft, Gladys  Between Jul 1894 and Sep 1894Fenton, Staffordshire I6001
    20 Ravenscroft, Harold  Between Apr 1903 and Jun 1903Fenton, Staffordshire I7691
    21 Ravenscroft, James Alfred  Between Jan 1904 and Mar 1904Fenton, Staffordshire I7419
    22 Ravenscroft, John  Between Oct 1912 and Dec 1912Fenton, Staffordshire I8023
    23 Ravenscroft, Laura  Between Jan 1905 and Mar 1905Fenton, Staffordshire I6144
    24 Ravenscroft, Lillie (Lily)  Between Jul 1895 and Sep 1895Fenton, Staffordshire I7018
    25 Ravenscroft, Sidney  Between Oct 1906 and Dec 1906Fenton, Staffordshire I6152
    26 Ravenscroft, V.   I8052
    27 Ravenscroft, William  Between Jan 1899 and Mar 1899Fenton, Staffordshire I7019
    28 Whitehurst, Florence  29 Mar 1889Fenton, Staffordshire I7392


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
    1 Parkes, Elizabeth  1911Fenton, Staffordshire I4808
    2 Ravenscroft, Ann (Annie)  1911Fenton, Staffordshire I2570
    3 Ravenscroft, Joseph  1911Fenton, Staffordshire I4809


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
    1 Upton, M.   I8601


    Matches 1 to 15 of 15

       Family    Census    Family ID 
    1 Ravenscroft / Baddley  1911Fenton, Staffordshire F1741
    2 Ravenscroft / Baker  1901Fenton, Staffordshire F1739
    3 Ravenscroft / Baker  1911Fenton, Staffordshire F1739
    4 Ravenscroft / Jackson  1901Fenton, Staffordshire F2008
    5 Ravenscroft / Kemp  1891Fenton, Staffordshire F1688
    6 Ravenscroft / Kemp  1901Fenton, Staffordshire F1688
    7 Ravenscroft / Kemp  1911Fenton, Staffordshire F1688
    8 Ravenscroft / Parkes  1891Fenton, Staffordshire F1419
    9 Ravenscroft / Parkes  1901Fenton, Staffordshire F1419
    10 Ravenscroft / Sproston  1871Fenton, Staffordshire F190
    11 Ravenscroft / Sproston  1901Fenton, Staffordshire F190
    12 Ravenscroft / Whitehurst  1911Fenton, Staffordshire F2169
    13 Ravenscroft / Wilson  1901Fenton, Staffordshire F1738
    14 Ravenscroft / Wilson  1911Fenton, Staffordshire F1738
    15 Ravenscroft / Wool(d)rich  1911Fenton, Staffordshire F2141