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        October 2017    
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    Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
    George Ravenscroft   William Knight   Frances Hewitt   Ann (Nancy) Ravenscroft   Peter Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Addison   John Ravenscroft   Edward (Albert Edward) Ravensc...   George Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Jabez Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   David Ravenscroft   Hannah Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Mary (Margaret) Upstone   James Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Byfleet Strode Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Briant   Maria Leigh   Sarah Hannah Ravenscroft   Robert Ravenscroft   Ann Ravenscroft   Ralph Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Gilliebrand   Samuel Ravenscroft   John Thomas Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Jeremiah Ravenscroft   Robert Ravenscroft   Catherine Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   Francis Robert Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Bennison   John Henry Ravenscroft   Jemima Jarvis(Jervis)   Thomas Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Dwerryhouse   Sarah Eliza Cramer   Alfred James Ravenscroft   Walter) Theodore Ravenscroft   Martha Wright   George Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Charlotte Ravenscroft   Mary Hale   Hannah Wood   Mary Ann Hewitt   James Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Jane (Sarah Jane?) Pearson   Joseph Ravenscroft   Alfred T(Thomas Alfred) Ravens...   Sarah Ravenscroft   Alice Hardeman   John Robert Parker Ravenscroft   Douglas Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   James Henry Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Maddocks   John Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Mercy Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Esther Eaton   Ellen Eugene Ravenscroft   Agnes Piper   William G (George W) Ravenscro...   Mary Jane Ravenscroft   Louisa Sheldon   Mary Turner   John Ravenscroft   Betsy (Elizabeth) Marston   Edward Ravenscroft   Sarah Caldecott   John Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Edwin Fitton   Ralph Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   John Stephen Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Frances Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Ann Whalley   Thomasine Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Morris Rondeau   John Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Berresford   John Ravenscroft   Jane Martin   Sarah Cliffe   Catherine Brooks Walker   John Ravenscroft   Agnes Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Aaron Yates Ravenscroft   Ellen Nicholas   Mary Ann Atkinson   Charles Ravenscroft   Martha Yeomans   Mary Jane Williamson   Jonathan Ravenscroft   Mary Jane Timperley   Frances Walker   David Ravenscroft   Enoch Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Herbert Valentine Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Perry   Joseph Ravenscroft   Rosetta Matilda Ravenscroft   Harry Strode Ravenscroft   Jane Dutton   William Ravenscroft   Seymour T Ravenscroft   Mary Susannah Prescott   Dinah Wild   John (Lionel) Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Sutton   Ann Corrigan   John William (Davies) Ravenscr...   Martha Ravenscroft   Robert Ravenscroft   Annie Litherland   Catherine Emma Smith   Edward Ernest Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ellen Whittaker   Caroline Rhodes   George Waterson Ravenscroft   Samuel John Ravenscroft   Mary Elizabeth Butcher   Benjamin John Rangecroft(Rav)   Ann Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Ann Roberts   Hannah Broadhead Middlefell   John Ravenscroft   Charlotte Askey   Mary Jane Orrell   Ernest Ravenscroft   Peter Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   James Handley Ravenscroft   Caroline Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Ellen Ann Woods   Ralph Ravenscroft   Harriet Bartram   Mary Bilsborough   Mary Emma Jones   Charles Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Birchall   Edward W Ravenscroft   Caroline Ravenscroft   Emily Ann Holt   John William Ravenscroft   Albert Edward Ravenscroft   Leonard Ravenscroft   Frank James Ravenscroft   William Hitchin Ravenscroft   Thomas Stanley Ravenscroft   Enoch Ravenscroft   Beatrice Hannah Ravenscroft   Leonard Ravenscroft   Jane ReeceorRees   Esther Ravenscroft   Hannah Sophia Crouch   William Ravenscroft   Susan Mary Buck Williams   George James Rangecroft   Elizabeth Morgan   Sarah Isabella BrodieneeWells   Maria Elizabeth Quincey   Alice Emily Procter Thompson   Elizabeth Barry   Edwin James Turner   William Henry Ravenscroft   Reuben Ravenscroft   Caroline Swinnerton   Elizabeth Thrower   George Ravenscroft   Ellen or Helena Ravenscroft   Edward Gildon Strode Ravenscro...   Helen(a) Louise Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Margaret Ravenscroft   Emily Ravenscroft   Alice Maud Gibson   Selina Parish   Ada May Cleaver   Ernest Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Nichol   John Ravenscroft   Alfred William Ravenscroft   George Walter Ravenscroft   Kate Isabel Rangecroft   Richard Lewis Rangecroft   Eveline Grace Mary Philpott   Harry Ravenscroft   Ellen (Eugenie) Baynes   Thomas Edwin Ravenscroft   Caroline Annie Evans   Hannah Allen   Joyce Ravenscroft   Diana Temple   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   Allen Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Mary Eleanor Jenkins   John Henry Ravenscroft   William Methuen Ravenscroft   Catherine Ann Gwillyn Jones   Elizabeth Palmer   Joseph Ravenscroft   Edward (J?) Ravenscroft   Clara Gerrard   Ellen Edith Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Mary Jane Brunt   Ernest Ravenscroft   Ellen Kingdon Ravenscroft   Charles John Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Abley   Mary LaceyneeStoneHunt?   William Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   George Edward Ravenscroft   Margaret Jane Lloyd(Ravenscrof...   Emmiline Pealing   John Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Bessie Ravenscroft   Richard Thomas Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Nockton   Fanny Hodson   Anna (Hannah) Ravenscroft   Violet Ravenscroft   Amelia Ravenscroft   Richard Ravenscroft   Henry (Harry) Ravenscroft   Georgina Eliza Rangecroft   John Harry Ravenscroft   Albert Ernest Ravenscroft   Arthur Edward Rangecroft   Mary Ann Ferry   Leonard William Edward Ravensc...   Thomas Ravenscroft   William Jonas Ravenscroft   Winifred Jane Ravenscroft   Edward Walter Ravenscroft   Lily Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Harry Arthur Ravenscroft   Charlotte Elizabeth Ravenscrof...   William Herbert Ravenscroft   Harry Ravenscroft   Harold Edward Ravenscroft   Jane Tenant   George Frederick Ravenscroft   Isaac Richard Ravenscroft   Mary Ellen Ravenscroft   Lily Ravenscroft   Margaret Burdett   John William Ravenscroft   Ada Cookson   Arthur Ravenscroft   Frank Voce Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Christopher Ravenscroft   Mary Elizabeth Phillips   Harold Ravenscroft   Cyril Lewis Ravenscroft   Sarah Jane Toft   Emily Baddley   Robert George Ravenscroft   Emily Cox   William Edward Ravenscroft   William Leonard Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Stanley William Ravenscroft   Amelia Ravenscroft   Alice Ann Derbyshire   M Sophia Pawsey?   John Risley   Robert Ravenscroft   Ivy Florence Ravenscroft   Emily Ellis   Esther Glover?   Ellen Margaret Willdridge   Fred Ravenscroft   Ann Cheetham   Elizabeth Christy   Marianne Hollingshead   Margaret Ann Ravenscroft   Alfred Ravenscroft   Ada May Hall   Elizabeth Emily L Holmes   Joseph Ravenscroft   Fred Ravenscroft   George Randolph Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   John Edward Ravenscroft   Gertrude Minnie Rangecroft   Charles Reginald Ravenscroft   Lizzie) Edith L Mundy   Miriam Wickman   Elizabeth Critchley   Fred Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Green   Gwendoline Alice Hesketh   Annie Rose Aslett   Harold Ravenscroft   Evelyn Violet Sybil Ravenscrof...   Annie Elizabeth Selvage   Bessie Hunter   Nellie May Ravenscroft   Percy Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Charles Norman Ravenscroft   Richard Henry Ravenscroft   Albert John Ravenscroft   Norman Ravenscroft   Infant (Sallie) Ravenscroft   John William Ravenscroft   Clara Ravenscroft   Lily (Evelyn) Ravenscroft   Stanley Ravenscroft   Walter Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Albert Edward Ravenscroft   Daisy Rangecroft   Margaret Rhoda Ravenscroft   Helen Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Elsie Ravenscroft   Ivy Nellie Ravenscroft   Ruth Ravenscroft   Wilhelmina Smith   Alfred Ravenscroft   Alan Ravenscroft   Alfred George Leslie Ravenscro...   Joseph H Oulton   Frank Ravenscroft   Mary Elizabeth Timmis   Lily Astbury   Lily Ravenscroft   Florence Eleanor Piercey   May Siddall   Frances Thompson   Henry John Ravenscroft   Rose Maria Nesbit   Emma Ravenscroft   Ada Ann Heaton   Albert James Ravenscroft   Emma Dorothea Jones   Frances M Lee   Edith Andrew Morton   Doris Ravenscroft   Ellen Bridge   Harold Ravenscroft   May R Marriott   Mark Ravenscroft   Louisa Ravenscroft   Amy Rudkin   John Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Emma D Cartledge   Bernard H Ravenscroft   Annie Frankland   Harold L Ravenscroft   Lilian Dunbar   Ernest Ravenscroft   Violet L Ravenscroft   Robert Peers Ravenscroft   Samuel Chesworth   Lily Kate Fox   Matilda Jane Broadhurst   Alice Turner   Mary Rebecca Wild   Alice M Ravenscroft   Frances Freeth   John (E) Ravenscroft   Florence Lambert   James Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Thomas Linaker   Norman Ravenscroft   Cyril George Ravenscroft   Bernard Ravenscroft   Reginald C Ravenscroft   Fanny Swan   Raymond George Ravenscroft   Cyril Lewis Ravenscroft   George P Ravenscroft   Eileen Hollingworth   Ethel Lunt   Edith M Arthur   Elsie Victoria Sims   Elizabeth Jane Rangecroft   Richard Ravenscroft   Mary Deards   Maud M Dennis   Charles Victor Ravenscroft   Albert John Ravenscroft   Dora Eileen Lear   Stanley Peter Ravenscroft   Gladys Marsden   Vera I Workman   John Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Emily Ravenscroft   Ethel Ravenscroft   Ralph Ravenscroft   William Henry Ravenscroft   Sydney Ravenscroft   John Rangecroft   George Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   William George Rangecroft   Gertrude Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   Benjamin Ravenscroft   Francis Ravenscroft   Albert Rangecroft   Hannah Saxtonx   John Wermerling   Annie Florence Ravenscroft   Ewart Merrill Ravenscroft   Ellen (Nellie) Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Edwin Ravenscroft   Caroline Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Anne Ravenscroft   William Henry Ravenscroft   George Stockton   John William Ravenscroft   Joseph Henry Ravenscroft   Angelina Ravenscroft   Edward Henry Rangecroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Lilian Maud Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Allen   Henry Thomas Lacey   Mary Ann Lacey   Hugh Frederick Lacey   Florence Bourne   Thomas H Mutch   Edna Shutt   Emma H Wheeler   Edith Corker   Hilda May Rodgers   Hilda Houltram   Lavinia Wright   Jean McNeil   Edward Joseph Ford   Frederick W Darlington   Philip Darlington   Albert C Spragg   Ellen Elizabeth Vidler   David Edwin Murray   Clifford L Windsor   Charlotte Knight   Alfred Jones   Edith Jones   Mary Alice Knight   Laura Jones   William Joseph Knight   Daniel Knight   John Ravenscroft   Mary Jane Ravenscroft   Margaret Ravenscroft   Lucey Ravenscroft   Emma E Ravenscroft   Maria Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Enoch Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Anne Ravenscroft   Ann(e) Ravenscroft   Edwin Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Ellen Dwerryhouse Ravenscroft   John William Ravenscroft   Robert Ravenscroft   Ann Stockton   James Ravenscroft   Harriet Ravenscroft   Alfred T(Thomas Alfred) Ravens...   George Ravenscroft   Leslie Ravenscroft   Frances Elizabeth Ravenscroft   George (T) Ravenscroft   Mercy (Mary) Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Ann Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   John Henry Ravenscroft   Agnes Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Anne Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Martha Ravenscroft   Mary Ellen Ravenscroft   Jane Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Katherine Mary Ravenscroft   Violet Bathurst Ravenscroft   Henry (Harry N) Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   William Albert Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Mary Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Anne Ravenscroft   Lydia Ellen Ravenscroft   Agnes Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Martha Elizabeth (Lillie) Rave...   Edith Helen(Ellen) Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Charles Pearce Ravenscroft   George Henry Ravenscroft   Sarah Emma Ravenscroft   Mary Ellen Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   Margaret Ann Ravenscroft   Clement Walter Ravenscroft   Nellie Ravenscroft   Jonathan Ravenscroft   Alice Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   Louisa Ravenscroft   Rebecca Mary Thurner   George Ravenscroft   Agnes Emma Ravenscroft   Sarah Annie Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Amelia Priscilla Ravenscroft   Seymour T Ravenscroft   John (Lionel) Ravenscroft   Alfred Ravenscroft   William Thomas Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Sophia Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Mary Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Mary Eliza Ravenscroft   George Frederick Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Ravenscroft   Mary Jane Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Mary Hazlehurst Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Stephenson Ravenscro...   Thomas Ravenscroft   Alfred Walter Tatham Ravenscro...   Charles (John Charles) Rangecr...   Charles Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Mary Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Claud Lancaster Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Violet Beatrice Ravenscroft   William Henry Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Jessie Ravenscroft   Margaret (Maggie) Ravenscroft   Herbert Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Mary Ellen Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Naomi Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Oswald Ravenscroft   Charles Edward Ravenscroft   George Henry Ravenscroft   Annie Louisa Ravenscroft   Frank James Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Alice Inez Ravenscroft   Pelham Browse Ravenscroft   Phoebe Hough Ravenscroft   Esther Ravenscroft   Louisa Ravenscroft   Hannah Ravenscroft   Selina Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Mary Ann Patience (M...   Lionel Babington Ravenscroft   Mary Elizabeth Ravenscroft   John Thomas Rangecroft   Emily Rangecroft   Patience Sophia Rangecroft   Charles Rangecroft   Henry Charles Gaines   Benjamin Rangecroft   Alice Ravenscroft   Benjamin Ravenscroft   Reuben Ravenscroft   Eliza Ravenscroft   Florence Ravenscroft   Francis Birkbeck Ravenscroft   Edith Fanny (Fanny Edith) Rave...   Margaret Ravenscroft   Richard Birkbeck Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Edward Gildon Strode Ravenscro...   Enoch Ravenscroft   Emily Ravenscroft   Samuel Albert Worlidge   Joseph Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Irene Adeline Rangecroft   John (Arthur) Rangecroft   Emma Elizabeth Rangecroft   Caroline Ann Ravenscroft   Alice Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Nellie Ravenscroft   Jessie Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Samuel Ernest Ravenscroft   Elizabeth(Betsy) Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Edward Ravenscroft   Annie Maria Ravenscroft   James Charles Ravenscroft   Joyce Ravenscroft   Nellie Ravenscroft   Florence Mary Elizabeth Ravens...   Ada Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Agnes Jane Ravenscroft   Alice Ravenscroft   Gladys Ravenscroft   Cyril Ravenscroft   Stephen Ravenscroft   Jane Hulmes   Ada Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Matilda Ravenscroft   John Lester Ravenscroft   Martha Edith Armstrong   Minnie Rangecroft   Edith Rangecroft   John Walley Rangecroft   Albert Victor Ravenscroft   Albert Henry Ravenscroft   John Goodwin Ravenscroft   Agnes Gertrude Ravenscroft   Percy Roland? Ravenscroft   Ellen Kingdon Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Mary Elizabeth Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Leslie Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Millicent Ravenscroft   John Henry Ravenscroft   Georgina Eliza Rangecroft   William Quincey Rangecroft   Alice M Rangecroft   Elsie Rangecroft   Arthur Garfield Ravenscroft   Hilda Emily Ravenscroft   Alice Maud Ravenscroft   Isabella Sarah Ravenscroft   William Edward Rangecroft   Florence Ethel Ravenscroft   Florence Hannah Ravenscroft   John Charles Ravenscroft(Belli...   Charlotte Ravenscroft   Lilian Ravenscroft   Ruth Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Norman Ravenscroft   Edith Mary (Mary) Ravenscroft   Laura Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Frank Voce Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Lilian (Lily) Ravenscroft   Hypatia Ravenscroft   Frederick Spencer Ravenscroft   Sidney Ravenscroft   Samuel George SIMS(RAVENSCROFT...   William Ravenscroft   William John Ravenscroft   May Ravenscroft   Sidney Ravenscroft   Eliza Harriet Capon   Maggie Rangecroft   Lena Pearce   James Pearce   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Herbert Ravenscroft Ogden   Arthur Ravenscroft Wood   Kate Ravenscroft George   Lily Ravenscroft   Fred Ravenscroft   Harold Qincey Rangecroft   Albert E Rangecroft   Margaret Miriam Cowley   Alfred Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   William John Ravenscroft   Fred Ravenscroft   Eva Hartley Ravenscroft   Ida Jessie Rangecroft   Hetty Rangecroft   Dora Rangecroft   Frederick Thomas Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   Alice Maud Ravenscroft   Frederick Ernest Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Amelia Beatrice (Beatrice) Rav...   Arthur Ravenscroft   John Edward Ravenscroft   Arthur Leonard Rangecroft   Norah Rangecroft   Agnes Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Albert Edward Ravenscroft   Edward Alfred Rangecroft   Albert Blythin   Hilda Mehetabel Ravenscroft   Evelyn Violet Sybil Ravenscrof...   Lizzie Jane Wool(d)rich   David Ravenscroft   Nellie May Ravenscroft   Joseph C Ravenscroft   Percy Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Harry Stanley Ravenscroft   Thomas Arthur Ravenscroft   Marion May Ravenscroft   Joseph William Ravenscroft   Norman Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Harold Arrowsmith Ravenscroft   John William Ravenscroft   Lily (Evelyn) Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Child of Lily Ravenscroft   Stanley Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Miriam Ravenscroft   Doris Ravenscroft   Stephen Henry Ravenscroft   Daisy Emily F Ravenscroft   Hilda Louise Ravenscroft   Nellie Irene Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   David Oswald Ravenscroft   William Isaac Richard Ravenscr...   Emma Eliza Rangecroft   Arthur B Rangecroft   Margaret Rhoda Ravenscroft   Ethel Ravenscroft   Reginald William Ravenscroft   Rose Ravenscroft   Rosannah Ravenscroft   Ruth Ravenscroft   Lily Ravenscroft   Annie E Ravenscroft   Frederick Samuel Ravenscroft   Lily Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Nancy Ravenscroft   James Martin Edward Ravenscrof...   Isabella Anastasia Mary Ann Pa...   Eugenie Blanche Williams   William Henry Ravenscroft   Eubert Ravenscroft   Harold Ravenscroft   Mark Ravenscroft   Louisa Ravenscroft   Joyce Ravenscroft   Joseph (H) Ravenscroft   Winifred Ravenscroft   Cyril Ravenscroft   George F Rangecroft   Marian Ravenscroft   Bernard H Ravenscroft   Harold L Ravenscroft   Annie K Ravenscroft   Ivy Ravenscroft   Kenneth C Ravenscroft   Violet L Ravenscroft   Thomas G Ravenscroft   Elizabeth (Cissie??) Ellison   Marion E Ellison   Nathan Ravenscroft Ellison   Mabel R Ravenscroft   Ada Mary Ravenscroft   Alice M Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   William A Ravenscroft   Frank Ravenscroft   Denis Ravenscroft   Marion Ravenscroft   Harold William Richard Ravensc...   Irene May Bastin   George P Ravenscroft   Frank Ravenscroft   Russell Taze Ravenscroft   Edward T Ravenscroft   Edward C RAVENSCROFT   Janet Ravenscroft   Jean Ravenscroft   Helena Sophia Last   James Ravenscroft   Jacqueline Ravenscroft   Charles Victor Ravenscroft   Gladys M Ravenscroft   Ann Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   Sydney Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Eliza Ravenscroft   George Royle Rangecroft   John Rangecroft   George Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Bessie Rangecroft   Emily Audrey Deakin Ravenscrof...   Albert Ravenscroft   Albert Rangecroft   Dora Victoria Rangecroft   Elizabeth Mary Ravenscroft   Ewart Merrill Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Martha Ann Ravenscroft   George Gilbert Rangecroft   John Ravenscroft   Caroline Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Angelina Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Sidney Ravenscroft   John Burton Corfield Ravenscro...   John Ravenscroft   Emma Alice Ravenscroft   Herbert Gardiner Williams   Mary Harwood   Ernest Hughes   Ivy Rooth   Esther Rooth   William Ravenscroft Moss   Doris M Challinor   Brenda Margaret Rangecroft   Joseph Ogden   Thomas Craig Dalton   Maud(e) Wright   Lavinia Wright   Horace Wright   Maggie Welsby   Walter Frederick Welsby   Elizabeth Magdelena Viljoen   Edward Joseph Ford   David Harry Worthington   x Jones / Mary Ann Pugh   Charles Ravenscroft / Joanne K...   Peter Ravenscroft / Ann Holdin...   John Risley / Matilda Ravenscr...   John Heptinstall / Matilda Rav...   Edgar Thomas Scrivener / Anne ...   William Ravenscroft / Elizabet...   William Ravenscroft / Alice Co...   William Ravenscroft / Ann Fowl...   Richard Ravenscroft / Frances ...   Reuben Ravenscroft / Elizabeth...   John Thomas Ravenscroft / Loui...   Jeremiah Ravenscroft / Ann B R...   Edmund Edward Hinkley / Harrie...   George Simpson / Charlotte Ann...   Frederick Ravenscroft / Mary J...   William Ravenscroft / Mary Jan...   William Nicklin / Louisa Mary ...   Edwin John Ravenscroft / Isabe...   George Ravenscroft / Eliza Dav...   James Ravenscroft / Eliza Ridg...   William Austin / Lydia Ravensc...   Richard Ravenscroft / Lydia Ho...   Peter Jamieson / Mary Alice Ra...   James Ravenscroft / Selina War...   William Westen / Harriet Raven...   Henry Ravenscroft / Ada Eliza ...   William Jacques / Betty Ravens...   Leslie Ravenscroft / Wanda Cle...   John Cockersole / Hannah Edge   Samuel Arthur Shuttleworth / K...   Alfred Sutton Pinney / Jane Ra...   Robert Edwards / Agnes Ravensc...   Ralph Ravenscroft / Elizabeth ...   Samuel Abram / Sarah Ravenscro...   David Betts / Hannah Ravenscro...   Thomas H Taylor / Mary Ann Rav...   William Henshall Ravenscroft /...   James Stanhope / Letitia Passa...   George Ravenscroft / Martha Oa...   Thomas Ravenscroft / Sarah Suc...   Francis Samuel George Ravenscr...   George Henry(Octavius) Ravensc...   Arthur Edward Ravenscroft / Ju...   Samuel Ravenscroft / Martha Ed...   Frederick Jones / Mary Ravensc...   Joseph Thompson / Martha Eliza...   George Henry Ravenscroft / Fra...   William Henry Ravenscroft / El...   Jonathan Ravenscroft / Mary H ...   Thomas or George HorneorReed /...   Henry Ravenscroft / Isabella S...   George (Alfred) Ravenscroft / ...   George Foster Carter / Mary Ra...   James Henry Ravenscroft / Elea...   William Lockett / Mary Ann Bil...   Henry Ravenscroft / Harriet Ki...   John Henry Ravenscroft / Emily...   Albert Ravenscroft / Sarah Ann...   George Potter / Clara Appoloni...   Oswald Ravenscroft / Mary Bils...   Oswald Ravenscroft / Ellen Eli...   George Oswald Ravenscroft / Cl...   David Stuart Bowker / Emily Al...   Fred Charles Ravenscroft / Ann...   George Stockton / Eliza Ridgwa...   Charles Nimrod Ravenscroft / S...   Samuel Ravenscroft / Sarah Max...   James Jeffers / Margaret Raven...   Jacob James / Mary Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft / Helena Lea...   Richard Rangecroft / Emily Cox   Thomas Ravenscroft / Mary Kirk...   Percival (Percy) Ravenscroft /...   Ralph Cowburn / Marian (Marie)...   William E Scarff / Bertha Rave...   James Pickering / Evelyn Raven...   George Thomas Floyd / Eleanor ...   Fred Haskoll / Minnie Maud Rav...   Robinson Wattleworth / Edith A...   Robert Walker / Sarah Elizabet...   George William Worthington / A...   William Ravenscroft / Jane War...   Oswald Ravenscroft / Florence ...   Jeffrey Rimmer / Elizabeth Ann...   Samuel Ravenscroft / Sarah Ann...   Thomas Jeffs / Sarah Ann Box   Thomas Ravenscroft / Fanny Mar...   James Dixon / Hannah Ravenscro...   James H Rowlandson / Renee Rav...   Robert Ravenscroft / Emily Ger...   Seth Thomas Ravenscroft / Flor...   George Bayliss Castell / Anne ...   Franz(Francis) Malschlinger / ...   Arthur Edwards Smith / Alice R...   Alfred Stevens / Charlotte(Lot...   Reuben Ravenscroft / Ada May C...   Harold Martin / Eliza Ravenscr...   John Frederick Ravenscroft / L...   Edwin Abbott / Emma Clark   Ernest James Richard Cotton / ...   Alfred E Walker / Ellen (Nelli...   Enoch Ravenscroft / Bessie Wil...   Joshua Ward / Beatrice Maud Ra...   Robert Harold Ravenscroft / La...   Thomas S Butler / Elsie Emma R...   Harry Ravenscroft / Kitty Rhod...   Frederick David Ravenscroft / ...   Ernest Ravenscroft / Dorothy E...   Frank Joseph Ravenscroft / Ann...   John Ravenscroft / Fanny Sams   Eubert Ravenscroft / Edith And...   Alfred William Ravenscroft / E...   James H Gilbertson / Bertha Ra...   Edwin Rangecroft / Mary Ann Ba...   Harry Edward Pointer / Amelia ...   James Thomas Russell / Amy Lou...   William Henry Rangecroft / Nor...   David Woolley / Emma(Emmy) Rav...   Arthur Harry (Harry) Ravenscro...   Samuel Slack / Nellie Ravenscr...   Samuel Ravenscroft / Margaret ...   James Boston C Ravenscroft / A...   Frederick W Carter / Eleanor L...   George Brettoner / Ada Ravensc...   William Ravenscroft / Florence...   William Ravenscroft / Ada Marc...   Kaj H Rauchleckner / Rose Rave...   James T C Kelly / Rosalie (Ros...   Alfred (Freddie) Ravenscroft /...   Frederick Ravenscroft / Primro...   Walter Ravenscroft / Ellen Mor...   Edward (J?) Ravenscroft / Ruth...   Arthur Ravenscroft(Johnson) / ...   William Smith Ridehalgh / Ethe...   Stanley Ravenscroft / Ruby Mon...   Albert Victor Ravenscroft / Fl...   Percy Lewis / Agnes Gertrude R...   Edward C W Sayers / Alice Kate...   Charles William Ravenscroft / ...   Joseph Rushton / Millicent Rav...   John Rigby / Emily Ravenscroft   Lynas Lynas Gray / Ethel Lizzi...   Harold Ravenscroft / Gertrude ...   John Smith / Mary Ann Ravenscr...   George Fish / Lucy Ravenscroft   Robert Richard Thomas / Alice ...   George Frederick Ravenscroft /...   Alfred Ernest Hill / Gertrude ...   Nathaniel Lyon Ravenscroft / B...   Alfred Ravenscroft / Sarah J J...   Norman Ravenscroft / Elsie Squ...   Douglas Woodhouse / Mary Jane ...   Walter Moseley / Edith Mary (M...   James Ravenscroft / Elsie Ogde...   Arthur Ravenscroft / Nellie Au...   Stanley Ravenscroft / Mary Jan...   Frank Voce Ravenscroft / Norah...   David Henry Worthington / Flor...   Edward Joseph Ford / Bessie Ra...   Frederick Spencer Ravenscroft ...   Cecil John Ravenscroft / Blanc...   Josiah Sims / Marion Miller   Edgar Lionel Ravenscroft / Mil...   Alfred H Allen / Louisa Mary R...   John Glossop / Mary Ann Roddis   John Mansell Seccombe / Amelia...   Philip Darlington / Jessie Rav...   William Kinsey / Ada Ravenscro...   Percy A Ravenscroft / Doris Du...   Charles Jones / Elizabeth Ann ...   Frederick W A Castle / Florenc...   Percy Ravenscroft / Edith Alle...   Edward Fardoe / Sarah Suckley   Herbert Fitchett / Lilian Rave...   Charles S Revill / Eva Hartley...   Robert Gordon Rangecroft / Eth...   Samuel Williams / Martha Ann (...   Frederick Ernest Ravenscroft /...   John Willie Ravenscroft / Alic...   John Edward Ravenscroft / Cice...   Robert C Crudgington / Gertrud...   Frank Ravenscroft / Gladys Wil...   Thomas H Mutch / Ellen Ravensc...   Henry C G Newton / Doris Berth...   James Ravenscroft / Clare Harr...   John (Edward) Rangecroft / Flo...   Benjamin Rangecroft / Ivy Rose...   Walter Rangecroft / Elsie Jane...   William Topping / Lavinia Rave...   George Henry Ravenscroft / Kat...   Eric Ravenscroft / Mabel Rowle...   Harold Chester / Ruby Ravenscr...   Arthur L Bristow / Elsie Raven...   Francis Ravenscroft / Mary A T...   Henry James Ravenscroft / Flor...   George W Ravenscroft / Marian ...   Gerald J Lawless / Gladys Iren...   Arthur Henry Lyne Evans / Mary...   Thomas Brownhill / Bertha Hall...   William Jinks / Mary Jinks   Arthur N Ravenscroft / Phyllis...   William Nicholson / Amelia Low...   Frederick James Ravenscroft / ...   William H DeCarle / Marion Eth...   James Robinson / Edith Norwood   George Ernest Ravenscroft / Fl...   Bernard Ravenscroft / Minnie G...   Thomas Reynolds / Emily Flora ...   Cyril George Ravenscroft / Mai...   Clarence Lomas / Elsie Coe   Cyril Ravenscroft / Doris Mari...   Walter F Sewell / Daisy A Tass...   Stanley Basil House / Phyllis ...   Ernest G Barton / Emily Ellen ...   Murray A Virtue / Doris Rose R...   Thomas Sillitoe / Sarah Ann Co...   William J Fry / Gertrude Rose ...   William R Walker / Marjorie Je...   Stephen Farrar / Matilda Sharr...   John Kennedy / Jane Florence (...   Harry Croston / Ellen (Nellie)...   Brian R Cole / Brenda Margaret...