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        July 2017    
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    Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
    Isaac Ravenscroft Pugh   Elizabeth Price   Ezra Pugh   William Jacob Ravenscroft   Dorothy Woolley   Elijah Ravenscroft   Stephen Ravenscroft   Sandonia Alman   Maria Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Hannah Ravenscroft   Benjamin Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Daniel (David) Ravenscroft   Richard Ravenscroft   Arthur Hunt Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Thomas (Southard) Ravenscroft   Charlotte Ann Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Stephen Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Jonathan (Nathan) Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Gore???   Robert Thomas Ravenscroft   Edwin John Ravenscroft   Humphrey William Ravenscroft   Juliana Eliza Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Caroline Williamson   John Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Mary Jane(Ann) Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Linney   John Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Sarah Hill   George Ravenscroft   Benjamin Ravenscroft   Robert Leslie Ravenscroft   Seth Ravenscroft   Martha Hinton   Ann Royle   Alfred Ravenscroft   Mercy (Mary) Ravenscroft   Benjamin John Ravenscroft   Betsy Taylor   Elizabeth Watkins   Eliza Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Frances Ann Ward   Frances Ellen Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Jane Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Yates   Emma Meadway   Edith Anna Weekes   John Dewhirst (Jack) Ravenscro...   Charlotte Davis   Thomas Samuel Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Parks   William Albert Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Merrill   Ellen Howarth   William Henry Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Anne Atherton   Laura Winifred Ravenscroft   Amelia Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Susannah UnkJohn   George Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Charles Thomas Ravenscroft   Ann Ennis?   Samuel Ravenscroft   Ann Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   James Thomas Hallson   Charles Nimrod Ravenscroft   Mary Jane Blakey   Ann Snape   Isabella Hannam   Edwin Ravenscroft   Edwin Edward Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Samuel Willis (Willie) Rangecr...   William Henry Rangecroft   Charles (John Charles) Rangecr...   Mary Ann Patience Rangecroft   Maria Parry   Arthur Walpole Edward Ravenscr...   Kate Sophia Ravenscroft   Richard Rangecroft   Mary Hannah Moss   John Ravenscroft   Mary Edge   Peter Ravenscroft   Ann Clare   Percival (Percy) Ravenscroft   Harry Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Benjamin Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Allen Ravenscroft   Elsie Ravenscroft   Ellen Sleeman   Eliza Jones   Samuel Ravenscroft   Lily Ravenscroft   William Arthur Ravenscroft   Douglas Ravenscroft   Percy Ravenscroft   David Ravenscroft   Anne Lewis   Ann Ravenscroft   Rosa Eliza Ravenscroft   Jane Knowles   John Thomas Rangecroft   Ellen Rangecroft   John Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Charlotte Ravenscroft   Catherine Maude Ravenscroft   Gerard Willington Ravenscroft   Martha Fleetwood   Frederick David Ravenscroft   Emma Jones   Charles Edward Ravenscroft   Ida Burton Ravenscroft   Samuel Seabourne   David Albert (Albert David) Ra...   Abigail Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Edward Ravenscroft   Thomas Henry Ravenscroft   Alice Daisy Ravenscroft   Beatrice Annie Webb   Hannah Hulme   Sarah Ackerley   Emma Redgwick   Albert Charles Ravenscroft   John Richard Ravenscroft   Emily Whitehead   Clement Ravenscroft   Francis Arthur Ravenscroft   Sarah Ellen Corcoran   Edwin William Ravenscroft   Percy Roland? Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Lilley Maud Ravenscroft   Maria Timms   Charles William Ravenscroft   Henry Barclay Ravenscroft   Ethel Ravenscroft   Florence Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Frank Ravenscroft   Eleanor Jackson   William John (John William) Ra...   Harry Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Frederick Edward Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Nellie Coldwell Ravenscroft   Lucy Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Clara Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Frederick John Ravenscroft   Arthur Garfield Ravenscroft   Mary Jane Ravenscroft   Charlotte Ravenscroft   Lily Ravenscroft   Francis Arthur Ravenscroft   Rosamond Hodgkinson   Martha Oakes   Felix Priest   Sarah Brundred   Alice Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Stanley Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Julia Hughes   Lucy Ravenscroft   George (Francis) Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Mabel Walley   Hannah Ravenscroft   Silas Richards   Susan Elizabeth Bradley   Minnie Ravenscroft   Ann Jane Ravenscroft   George (Henry C)? Ravenscroft   Edward Charles Ravenscroft   Leonard James Ravenscroft   Jim Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   Arthur Ernest Ravenscroft   Sydney Ravenscroft   Mary Emily Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Frank Brettoner Ravenscroft   Herbert Harry Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Arthur Victor Rangecroft   Annie Lockett   Mabel Ravenscroft   Harold James (James Harold) Ra...   John Plummer   Edward Eric Ravenscroft   Thomas Edward Ravenscroft   George Edward Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   Elsie Ravenscroft   Nancie Ravenscroft   Marion May Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Frederick Holt Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Harriet M Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Child of Ellen Ravenscroft   Harold Henry Ravenscroft   George Fish   Leslie Eaton Ravenscroft   Doris Ravenscroft   Gladys V Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Richard Ravenscroft   Ethel Maud Ravenscroft   Eleanor Guthrie   Eliza Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   William J L Rangecroft   Charlotte Ann Woodall   Maud Ravenscroft   James Samuel Ravenscroft   Martha Barlow   Mary A Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   Nancy Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Weston   Emily Dawes   Harriet Rangecroft   Samuel Shaw   Agnes A Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   male Ravenscroft   Olive Ravenscroft   Winifred Ravenscroft   Eric Ravenscroft   Berut Frame   David Ravenscroft   Wilfred Ravenscroft   Edith Annie Carter   Thomas Arthur Ravenscroft   Mary Humphries   Mabel R Ravenscroft   Oswald G Ravenscroft   Fanny Maria Moulton   Ellen Bennett   Bertha Ravenscroft   Olive Grace Harley   Dora B Nolan   Marion Ravenscroft   James B Ravenscroft   Arthur John Ravenscroft   Irene Maud Mellichip   Hannah Rowlands   Ethel Margaret Cadman   Allan Stewart Melville   Emily Ellen Barton   Ethel Marion Hackett   Robert C Crudgington   Francis Ravenscroft   Janet Ravenscroft   Dora Smith   Roy Noel (Robert Henry Noel) R...   Edith Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Percy James Simpson   Elizabeth Maud Simpson   Rose Keatley   Eric Ravenscroft   Edith Annie Widdowson   Gerald J Lawless   Daniel (William Daniel) Knight   Alexander Campbell Pugh   Harriet Ravenscroft Jones   Maud Amelia Knight   Agnes Ravenscroft   Jane Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Matilda Ravenscroft   Lucy Ravenscroft   Eliza Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Mary Jane Ravenscroft   Harriet Ravenscroft   Benjamin Ravenscroft   Ann Ravenscroft   Edwin Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Margaret Ravenscroft   Emma Ravenscroft   Priscilla Ravenscroft   Jane Matilda Ravenscroft   James Henry Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Abigail Ravenscroft   Mercy Ravenscroft   Peter Ravenscroft   Mary S Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Harriet Ravenscroft   Martha Ravenscroft   Mary Ellen Ravenscroft   Emily Maria Ravenscroft   Samuel Hough Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Ravenscroft   Richard Ravenscroft   Thomas William Ravenscroft   Martha Ravenscroft   Maud Marion Ravenscroft   Ethel Eleanor Ravenscroft   Edith Anna Weekes   Maria Stephanie Josephine Tonn...   Doris Ravenscroft   Clara Ravenscroft   Sophia Ann Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Jane Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Jane (Jennie) Ravenscroft   George William Ravenscroft   Agnes Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Ravenscroft   Sarah Maria Ravenscroft   William Henry Ravenscroft   Charles (Joseph?) Ravenscroft   Oswald Victor Ravenscroft   Florrie Ravenscroft   Ann (Annie) Ravenscroft   David Ravenscroft   Sarah Hannah Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Spare Spare   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Stephen Ravenscroft   Frank Ravenscroft   Frank George Ravenscroft   Ada Ravenscroft   Walter Ravenscroft   Abigail Ravenscroft   John George Ravenscroft   Frank Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   Richard Clark Ravenscroft   Walter Watkins Ravenscroft   Clarence Harry W Ravenscroft   Joseph Alfred Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Emily Ravenscroft   Alice Maud Ravenscroft   Samuel John Ravenscroft   Teresa Ravenscroft   Frederick Wickham Ravenscroft   Percy Ravenscroft   George Rangecroft   Ellen May Rangecroft   Jessy Jane Rangecroft   Elizabeth Starkey Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Guy Ravenscroft   Gladys Eva (Eva Gladys) Ravens...   Emily Ravenscroft   Ann Ravenscroft   Robert Ravenscroft   Peter Ravenscroft   Albert Richard Ravenscroft   Albert Ravenscroft   Norah May Ravenscroft   Charles West Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Nellie Ravenscroft   Minnie Maud Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Naomi Elsie Ravenscroft   Martha Ann Ravenscroft   Eliza Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Caroline Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Ellen(Nellie) Ravenscroft   Percy Forrest Shaw   George Henry Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ann Ravenscroft   Leonard Ravenscroft   Ralph Ravenscroft   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ann Ravenscroft   Samuel Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Ruth Ravenscroft   Walter Strode Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Letitia Ravenscroft   George Robert Barford Lewis Ca...   Martha Ravenscroft   Jonathan Ravenscroft   Mary Ann Gaines   Charlotte Witsey   John Ravenscroft   Benjamin Ravenscroft   Gladys Mary Ravenscroft   Dorothy Ravenscroft   Mary Ravenscroft   Catherine Ravenscroft   George Isaac Ravenscroft   Eleanor Ravenscroft   Sydney Ravenscroft   Florrie Ravenscroft   Sarah Ravenscroft   Charles Edward Ravenscroft   Martha Ellen Rangecroft   Maud Rangecroft   Charles George Rangecroft   Peter Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Florence Annie Ravenscroft   Samuel Seabourne   Emma Ravenscroft   James Ravenscroft   Violet Ravenscroft Kirk   Sarah Ann Ravenscroft   Flora Ravenscroft   Frances Ravenscroft   Evelyn Ravenscroft   Dudley Ravenscroft   John Beech Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Ann Ravenscroft   Jane Ravenscroft   Mary Jane Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Cecil Hugh Strode Ravenscroft   Hubert Frank Ravenscroft   Florence Ravenscroft   Lizzie Ravenscroft   Clement Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Lilly Ravenscroft   James Daniel Ravenscroft   Ada Ravenscroft   George Benjamin Rangecroft   Albert Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Herbert Ravenscroft   Agnes Rose (Rose A) Ravenscrof...   Kate Ravenscroft   Edwin (Edward) Ravenscroft   George Edward Ravenscroft   Maud Alice(Alice Maud M) Raven...   Charles Bingham Austin Ravensc...   Albert Ravenscroft   Walter Ravenscroft   Richard Thomas Ravenscroft   Edward Walter Ravenscroft   Alice Ravenscroft   Agnes Ravenscroft   Isaac Ravenscroft   John Harry Ravenscroft   Ann Ellen Ravenscroft   Samuel Rangecroft   Rose Madge Rangecroft   Frank Rangecroft   Enoch Edward Ravenscroft   Mary Jane Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Joseph Egginton Ravenscroft   George Lewis Ravenscroft   Gertrude Annie Ravenscroft   Lily Ravenscroft   Harry Ravenscroft   Thomas (Wood) Ravenscroft   Maria Ravenscroft   George Frederick Ravenscroft   Alfred Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Ada Ravenscroft   Alice Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Joseph Ravenscroft   Gladys Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Thomas Arthur Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft   Edith Ravenscroft   Arthur Garfield Ravenscroft   Nellie Ravenscroft   Edward Eric Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Alice Ravenscroft   Richard Ravenscroft   Robert George Ravenscroft   Henry Ravenscroft   Agnes Maud SIMS(Ravenscroft)   Edward Josiah SIMS(RAVENSCROFT...   William Edward Ravenscroft   Louisa Mary Ravenscroft   Florence Ravenscroft   Margaret Ann Lea   Edna May Ravenscroft   Alice Ravenscroft   Lilian Pearce   Minnie Ravenscroft   Amelia Ravenscroft   Irene Ravenscroft Malschlinger   Thomas Henry Ravenscroft   Edwin Herbert Jones   Ralph Ravenscroft Scrivener   Lulu Phyllis Ravenscroft   John William Ravenscroft   Percy Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   George Emanuel L Ravenscroft   Violet Marion Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Amelia (Minnie) Ravenscroft   Sydney Ravenscroft   Harry Rangecroft   Walter William Ravenscroft   Harry Ravenscroft   Edith Harriet Rangecroft   Charles Henry Ravenscroft   Sally Ravenscroft   George Edward Ravenscroft   James Stanley Ravenscroft   Maggie Ravenscroft   William(Willie) Ravenscroft   Samuel Thomas Ravenscroft   Harold Ravenscroft   Lillie (Lily) Ravenscroft   Frank Ravenscroft   Robert Edward Ravenscroft   Richard Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   Florence Alice Ravenscroft   Ernest Ravenscroft   Dora Ravenscroft   William Henry Q Rangecroft   Hilda Ravenscroft   William John Ravenscroft   Rose Blythin   Nellie Molyneux Parkes   Annie Shone   William Ravenscroft   Vera Lilian Ravenscroft   Eileen Edith Ravenscroft   Fred Ravenscroft   Muriel Iris Ravenscroft   Robert Harold Ravenscroft   Thomas Edward Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Charles Norman Ravenscroft   Margaret J Ravenscroft   Leslie Ravenscroft   Constance Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Ernest Victor Rangecroft   Enid Mary S Ravenscroft   Blanche Ravenscroft Sadler   Stanley Ravenscroft   Leslie Eaton Ravenscroft   Alfred Eaton Ravenscroft   Elsie Ravenscroft   Irene Isabel (Turner) Ravenscr...   Ernest Ravenscroft   Gladys May Ravenscroft   Albert Edward Ravenscroft   Doris Isabel Rangecroft   Daisy Rangecroft   Richard Ravenscroft   John Thomas Ravenscroft   Elsie Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Frederick Ravenscroft   Ivy Nellie Ravenscroft   Gladys Irene Ravenscroft   Bertha Ann Page   William Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Alfred Ravenscroft   Elsie Ravenscroft   Thomas F Ravenscroft   Charles Ravenscroft   Maggie Nuttall   Maud Ravenscroft   James Samuel Ravenscroft   Mary A Ravenscroft   Annie Ravenscroft   Thomas William Ravenscroft (Ca...   Cyril G Ravenscroft   Arthur Shaw   Agnes A Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Thomas Ravenscroft   William Francis Ravenscroft   Harriet Ravenscroft   Doris Ravenscroft   Arthur Ravenscroft   male Ravenscroft   George Ravenscroft   Eric Ravenscroft   Roy Ravenscroft   David Ravenscroft   Wilfred Ravenscroft   Oswald G Ravenscroft   William Ravenscroft   Ursula Ravenscroft   Norah Eleanor Hodgetts   Reginald C Ravenscroft   James B Ravenscroft   Ellen Ravenscroft   Elizabeth Jane Rangecroft   Thomas Richard Ravenscroft   Edith Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Annie Elizabeth Ravenscroft   Edwin Ravenscroft   Albert John Ravenscroft   Lucy Ravenscroft   Dora Eileen Lear   Joseph Ravenscroft   Eric Ravenscroft   John Ravenscroft / Katherine N...   / Charlotte Knight   Alfred Jones /   David Samuel Jones / Sarah Ann...   Edwin Ravenscroft / Mary Ann P...   John Bebbington / Amelia Raven...   Robert Allert / Sarah Ravenscr...   Samuel Sproston / Mary Preston   Charles Isaac Stephen / Helena...   David Ravenscroft / Elizabeth ...   Joseph Ravenscroft / Ann Gill   William Rushworth / Sarah Rave...   Charles Arthur Ravenscroft / S...   William Ravenscroft / Mary Ann...   John Ravenscroft / Annie Richa...   Robert Ravenscroft / Mary Pils...   Ralph Ravenscroft / Emily Whit...   Thomas Sadler / Fanny Ravenscr...   Frederick Wootton / Marianne R...   Robert John Ravenscroft / Loui...   Thomas Ravenscroft / Sarah Ann...   Malcom McKellar / Elizabeth Ra...   Richard William Entwistle / Sa...   John Ravenscroft / Jane Reeceo...   Jonathan Hancock / Ann Hulme   Harry(Henry) Stanworth / Eliza...   William Ravenscroft / Esther E...   John Henry Ravenscroft / Selin...   John Ravenscroft / Eliza Jane ...   Samuel Bennison Ravenscroft / ...   Joseph Lawton / Elizabeth Rave...   George Ravenscroft / Eliza Ann...   James Ravenscroft / Sarah (Jan...   Henry Cowley / Margaret Ravens...   William Henshall Ravenscroft /...   John Bailey / Mary Ravenscroft   Frederick Ernest Briant (Ernes...   Harold Arthur Ravenscroft / Ir...   Frederick James Ravenscroft / ...   Herbert Ravenscroft / Amelia H...   John Ravenscroft / Martha Lath...   Albert Ravenscroft / Florence ...   Edward Jackson / Margaret Agne...   Newton L Rowley / Edith Helen(...   William Moss / Sarah Ann Raven...   Herbert Ravenscroft / Mary Cec...   Joseph H Oulton / Lizzie Raven...   Jonathan Ravenscroft / Sarah A...   Alfred Moss Ravenscroft / Sara...   George Harris / Isabella Raven...   James Ravenscroft / Mary Hanna...   Frank Ravenscroft / Sarah Ann ...   William H Hassall / Sandonia R...   Samuel Edelsten / Abigail Rave...   Frederick Ravenscroft / Margar...   Stephen Williams / Emily Raven...   George Ravenscroft / Hannah Sm...   Harry Ravenscroft / Annie M Ki...   William J Borris(er) / Joanne ...   John George / Elizabeth Isabel...   William Rangecroft(Rav) / Soph...   Joseph Summerton / Jessy Jane ...   William Henry Rangecroft / Har...   Thomas Ravenscroft / Jane Houg...   William Ravenscroft or Rangecr...   John Ravenscroft / Mary Edge   William Crammer Morris / Jane ...   William Thomas Jeffreys / Agne...   James Robert Milliken / Violet...   Frederick Ravenscroft / Lucy C...   John Samuel Ravenscroft / Miri...   William Woods Ravenscroft / Be...   Ralph Ravenscroft / Hilda Pree...   William Ravenscroft / Harriet ...   Charles Ravenscroft / Ann Wild...   Arthur Ravenscroft / Julia Hug...   Arthur Ravenscroft / Sarah Ell...   Frederick George Martin / Hele...   Richard Savage / Eliza(Elizabe...   Walter Ravenscroft / Emma D Ca...   Thomas Ravenscroft / Alice Old...   William Tough Wilson / Elizabe...   Joseph Bradshaw / Eliza Allwoo...   Thomas William Ravenscroft / M...   Philip Hale Ravenscroft / Lily...   Frederick Shallcross / Alice R...   Richard Ravenscroft / Maria Ma...   John Ravenscroft / Mary Ann Ro...   David Ravenscroft / Alice Emil...   Alfred Richard Ravenscroft / C...   Burton Stephen Ravenscroft / A...   Stanley Narborough Ravenscroft...   Benjamin Ravenscroft / Agnes M...   William John Ravenscroft / Mab...   Frederick Wilson / Florence Em...   Arthur J Schultzor Efford / Je...   George Isaac Ravenscroft / Eli...   William Edwin Ravenscroft / Et...   John Ault / Eleanor Ravenscrof...   Samuel Ravenscroft / Annie Gib...   John Robert Rangecroft / Isabe...   Charles George Rangecroft / Hi...   Edward Blow / Ellen (Gore) Rav...   Thomas Edwin Ravenscroft / Dor...   Arthur Ravenscroft / Nellie Ca...   Charles Henry Ravenscroft / Sa...   Ernest Ravenscroft / Lily Gilb...   Arthur Ogden / Annie Ravenscro...   Frederick Ravenscroft / Annie ...   Charles M Jones / Annie Elizab...   Charles Daniel Ravenscroft / A...   Clement Ravenscroft / Alice M ...   Francis Arthur Ravenscroft / J...   Charles Ravenscroft / May V Br...   Harold John Ravenscroft / Marj...   Frederick J Moss / Constance I...   Matthew L Reed / Eveline Raven...   Frederick Harrison Ravenscroft...   Henry Titley / Alice Mary Rave...   Edward Harry (Harry) Ravenscro...   Frederick Henry Ravenscroft / ...   John P Ravenscroft / Dorothy S...   Thomas Peter Ravenscroft / Eth...   John Herbert Ravenscroft / Mar...   John Ravenscroft / Emily Spenc...   William Ravenscroft / Bessie H...   William Ravenscroft / Mary M R...   William Ravenscroft / Mary B M...   Albert Ernest Ravenscroft / Sa...   Arthur Edward Rangecroft / Lou...   George Stimpson Rangecroft / E...   Arthur R Marsh / Elsie Rangecr...   Frederick John Ravenscroft / F...   George Rowley / Hilda Emily Ra...   William Henry Ravenscroft / El...   Samuel Barlow / Emily Ravenscr...   Charles William Marsden Ravens...   Harry Ravenscroft / Sarah A So...   Thomas (Wood) Ravenscroft / Fl...   Allen Rees Ravenscroft / Daisy...   Fred Ravenscroft / Eliza Wood   Harold Ravenscroft / Gladys Ma...   John William Ravenscroft / Mir...   Henry Ravenscroft / Ann Helen ...   James Ravenscroft / Caroline N...   David Wilkes / Hypatia Ravensc...   William Henry Rushton / Laura ...   Henry Martin (Sims) Ravenscrof...   Frederick Richard SIMS(RAVENSC...   Edward Josiah SIMS(RAVENSCROFT...   William Ravenscroft / Lucy Mar...   Charles B Hooper / Jessie Mars...   William G Rogers / Evelyn Biff...   William Ravenscroft / Annie Ma...   William Ravenscroft / Elmira E...   Harry Ravenscroft Richards / C...   William Wilson / Edna May Rave...   Arthur Harry Gilbert Rabbetts ...   John Ravenscroft / Louie Emma ...   Philip Ravenscroft / Frances A...   Philip Riley / Elizabeth Raven...   Thomas Bentley Hall / Elizabet...   Walter Ravenscroft / Florence ...   John Wright / Agnes Gibsonposs   Charles Henry Bebbington / Emi...   Cyril G R Rangecroft / Doris N...   Frank W Emmett / Ethel Florenc...   Harry Smith / Catherine Emily ...   Joseph T Day / Ella Jane Raven...   William Ravenscroft / Ellen Wi...   Ernest Ravenscroft / Hilda B W...   Arthur Wesley Ravenscroft / Ka...   Horace Benjamin Rangecroft / M...   Herbert Edward Ravenscroft / S...   Allan Stewart Melville / Eilee...   Sidney Millett / Daisy Eveline...   George E Galaud / Elizabeth Al...   Samuel H Everton / Florrie Poo...   William N Emerton / Cecilia (C...   John H Evans / Infant (Sallie?...   William Tomlinson / Constance ...   Ernest Victor Rangecroft / Ger...   Fred Barrow / Edna Marjorie Ra...   Arthur Leonard Ravenscroft / M...   Leslie F Divers / Nellie Irene...   Edwin J Wilson / Gladys May Ra...   Hedley S Field / Phyllis Const...   John W Ravenscroft / Rosina M ...   Samuel Shaw / Frances Ellen He...   David Fergusson / Lydia Ellen ...   John Ravenscroft / Amy Rudkin   Joseph (H) Ravenscroft / Eliza...   Francis Leigh Wragg / Marian R...   Ronald F K Macdonald / Mary Wi...   Berut Frame / Florence Pope   William Henry Sherratt / Franc...   Frederick William Malpas / Ele...   William Nelson Last / Harriet ...   William Edwin Wakeman / Mary D...   Ernest Beere / Clara A Sillito...